Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tengo Gozo, Tengo Gozo

 When people start to know God, they change. They become more like Christ and I just think it`s the most amazing and beautiful thing in the world. J* is prepping for his baptism on the 13th, he`s getting over his smoking addiction and his commitment is amazing. Whats more, his son that told me he didn`t believe in God, J* the punk, (who also wrote a song about how mean God is) is reading the BOM and he believes it...he`s changing, and he even has a new song about being a new admirer of God. He`s loving the Book of Mormon. He can`t go to church cause he`s under house arrest haha....How grateful I am for repentance! ...He wants to be baptized. Just not yet. But even If I dont see him get baptized, I know he`ll do it. And his dad is just on FIRE. And every time we get there they start singing "Tengo gozo en mi alma hoooyy!!!" It`s seriously the cutest thing haha. 
     We were teaching a DIFFERENT J*(I`m talking about 3 different J’s here....) and he didn`t want to read the Book of Mormon. I prayed so hard to be able to know how I could help him feel the spirit, and have the desire to read the Book of Mormon. After praying hard I felt I needed to share a certain scripture and have him read something short and powerful. He did and he was able to take the book. It was a true miracle. There are quite a few people here that dont ever want to read the Book of Mormon. It`s sad. 
     The branch asistance is going up and we are seeing so many miracles. Lots of INACTIVES are coming back. We are working with one guy who has an active family, his brother is the branch president and he was sealed in the temple. But he got divorced and he hadn`t come to church for 18plus years. WHAT!? ...thats like my whole life! ...and well, we are teaching him and he came to church, and its a freaking miracle. 
     We tried some new sectors, and that was fun. We are working a ton, skipping lunch sometimes and just eating while traveling to get things done. And WHEREVER we go, we talk and invite, and help and I feel SO HAPPY. Verdaderamente, tengo gozo en mi alma hoy!!! 
     My companion is great. yes. We are still the same person...and it`s terribly funny. She has the same struggles I had, and I really love her determination and boldness. Thats the gopel for you. We have to be blunt about it!! My companion doesn`t know I`m finishing the mission in August, she thinks I have like 6 months left. And that`s the greatest, cause it means we`re both at high energy and working levels. It makes me not complain, and it doenst give me the option to be trunky cause we just dont talk about it. Smart huh.....the only sad part is that she keeps talking about how she wants to be companions with me for her whole training, or the next transfer...and I don`t foresee that happening haha.
     I feel like I am really completing my missionary purpose. I keep inviting, sometimes the same people ...for a LONG time, even if they keep rejecting...and if the accept or not, I`m helping. It`s the greatest feeling. And we are kicking butt. It amazes me the way God blesses someone for their diligence and obedience. I love this work. 
Love you all. 
WORK HARD. Think about the NOW.
Hermana Alex Johnson

Las Hermana de Santa Maria!
She made a shirt for one of her favorite companions!

Beautiful Hermanas!

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