Monday, July 28, 2014


So last pday was legit. We went to some expensive hotel and some hidden places that are just SUPER cool to check stuf out!! 

I had intercambios on Tuesday, which were really fun. I`ve had several intercambios with Hermana Huranga, and so we get along well, and teach well with each other. 

We are working with more part member families, the majority of which we have FOUND, which is slightly ironic, but hey, whatever works. One is J* and A*, and J* is a member...he used to go out with the missionaries and all that...and A* was a "lost hope" and we have worked so hard to be able to teach them, and now shes excited to read the BOM and everything. She`s had some pretty awesome dreams, and she says that something about the whole thing is just RIGHT.
Jorge went up late to work, and didnt make it down for his confirmation. But he`ll be here this week. He read all of first Nefi! that not just the craziest thing. we are in a race...and he`s winning right now haha. He understands a ton too! 

So our new mission president changed a TON of stuff. Even our schedule...when we wake up and go to sleep, when we eat, when we plan...and a required dinner. I haven`t eaten dinner my WHOLE THATS gonna be weird....Its gonna take some getting used to...that wont happen cause I don`t have the necessary amount of time to get USED to it! 

we have a FANTASTIC investigator named Y*. She`s been reading, and she gets things SO well. On Saturday I felt we needed to visit her, even though we didn`t have a lesson planned and she wouldn`t answer her was off. Well, we went anyways...and we invited her mom that lives right across the street and her brother to participate, and they did! It was one of the most spiritual lessons that I`ve had in a LONG SHABAM BOOM! And they all committed to come to church..and...THEY ALL CAME!!! ...We had so many investigators in church, J* and O* came again...I haven`t seen O* in almost 3 months, and finally hes healthy enough to teach again!!! There were just some awesome miracles in church today! 

I told Hermana Crump that I was going home last night...I had the feeling 3 times that I needed to tell her, so I did. And a good thing...cause she definitely didn`t take it lightly. She said she would have been really mad if I would`ve waited till the last week...but we talked about it and everythings okay now. 

with J*`s kids...we had a bit of a showdown and I told them that I wasn`t gonna put up with their games any was honestly ridiculous. the other day we went and they were drunk....and they were talking bad about their dad....excuse me!! Whos the drunk one right now!? ...So I took the can the kid had and dumped it out. #savinglives

Today we went to Portillo!! (Close to the Argentina border) or went up the mountains and had an adventure!!!! Sledding, snow angels, snowmenm, and snowbals.It was a sick BLAST! 

I just still need to get a new camera card. I made a copy of lots of pics that I put on a cd...Im gonna buy one today to transfer the remainings pics and then reformat my card and camera...that should delete any remaining viruses. 

Sometimes I feel like there are TOO many miracles…or BLESSINGS that God gives me. I feel like a kid in a candy shop with all the joy I feel....I just cant stop being happy....and the spirit is always so strong..:I never want this to end. It really will be hard for me when I`m not working my butt off everyday...lets be honest, but I will ALWAYS serve him...with or without the candy ;) 

Love you lots!!!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

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