Monday, May 6, 2013

Talk About Changes

Yep. A lot of changes happened this last week. To start off I´m emailing you on a really bad computer that has broken keyes. This letter will not be very long haha. 
I´m also in Quiticura, my new sector. I have two new companions: Hermana Edwards and...actually I don´t remember my other companions name. HNA Edwards is my gringa trainer and the other missionary has the same amount of time in Chile as me. She´s from Argentina. So that's a big change that happened. 
We said goodbyes and that was really hard yesterday. Of course there was a lot of crying. 
Cute little toto de mamita and papita was crying in the car on the way home. 
Connie, a convert member that works with us often, is amazing. She´s a great example and needs to serve a mission. 

 I was seriously sad to leave San Felipe. Ya know...if you talk to your companion more openly about a problem, a problem that can be resolved together, you´re gonna have a lot more success. She (trainer) said before that I shouldn´t worry about playing for the ward because that´s not my responsibility as a missionary. I addressed the issue that helping the ward IS my problem, and that the bishop asked for help. How I WANTED to help all that I could. This week I sung at a baptism, played prelude and whatnot for the ward, and honestly...we had a lot more success this week than before. We helped the ward, and the ward helped us. People who we didn´t expect to talk with we were able to talk with and teach. 
R*** has a baptism date!!!!! LEGIT! We visited her and she´s was trying on her own, without our knowledge, to quit smoking. She works SO MUCH every day, and has just an hour for lunch. She told us that she eats for half an hour and for the other half she reads The Book of Mormon. She told us about her testimony. She said that she doesn´t like some things in our church but that she knows LDM is true and that she always finds peace when she reads it. And for that, she´s ready to be baptized. You can literally SEE how happy she is right now!! And what´s ironic about it all? Her  life is harder now than before. Pa*** still is on drugs, R*** is sick and struggling too because all the attention is for his brother, and M*** is drinking now. ...We could smell it on him in one of the lessons. PUCHA. We read the story of Job with her though. She loved that a lot.  

Pa*** proposed to me. I said no. Then he did it again, but as a condition for AFTER the mission. I said no again. Then he grabbed my hand and  got down on his knees. I gave him a look and didn´t say anything and apparently that worked better. He didn´t ask again. 
There was a group of men who walked by and were yelling all sorts of stuff at us. When we walked by them they yelled a couple more things...and then all at the same time, Hermana Waters, hermana Parkinson, and I all turned and pretend burped at them. Well Hermana Parkinson´s burp was real lol. They stopped yelling things at us though lol!! 
We had a ward activity and they asked me to sing 10 minutes before it started. I ended up singing the first verse of amazing grace. They loved it and the spirit was there so nothing else matters haha!! 
So my health. It´s better. My stomach is doing better...stupid colon! Dr. Perez said that I literally can´t eat mustard for a year. WOOOOOWWW. Lame sauce...well mustard is actually awesome sauce but you get the picture. I also can´t eat A LOT of food! WALA! condiments are a no no and a lot of salt also. I have to eat super healthy, and I´m sure okay with that!! ...and fish with mayo. We had that twice this week and GUESS WHO DIDN¨T HAVE TO EAT IT!!! MUHAHAHAHA!! My stupid colon is a miracle of a blessing I tell ya!! 
There´s two soccer teams here: Colo Colo and La U. La U is the best. Dad can look them up or what not but definitely the best. The mascot is an owl. 
Honestly, This week is going to be interesting. A lot of new stuff. I have so much to do and so much more to learn. Hermana Waters said that she thinks I´m going to train my next transer. I hope not. I´m not ready for that! But always, the Lord´s will be done. I love it here and I love helping and teaching the people of Chile. I promise I´m trying my best.
Always  in my prayers,
Hermana Alexandra Johnson
The San Felipe Hermanas with Elder viagran. Elder anderson. MY FRIIIEENDS!


San Felipe... Adios!

investigators!! SUPER SWEET! A*** and C***

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