Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lets Be Real

Okay. Sucky first week of the change....ONLY BECAUSE I HAD SO LITTLE TIME IN MY SECTOR TO WORK!!! GAH! That was the hard part. I wanted to work and we had no stinkin time to do it. 

Monday was pday. I spent it with Hermana Dodds and Hermana Ostler so that was fun. Hermana Dodds and I have some fun concoctions for after the mission. FOR REALS. It`s gonna be awesome. 

On Tuesday we went to Santiago to get my hijita, Hermana Crump from Utah. Lets be real. God gave me a companion that is the before-mission-me....awesome and scary. How am I gonna train myself?? I really feel like that. She`s soooo like me. In just way too many ways  to count. Its slightly ridiculous. 

We went and visited some investigators in the hospital in San Felipe one day. It was great. 
We cant work during the game, so that`s not so fun. People go CRAZY here when Chile plays in the world cup. Everyone is either eating asado, or freaking out in the street and everything and everyone is really LOUD. 

Everything is going so well with S*, J*, and the other J*. ...the son. We have seen SOOO many miracles, it`s just tooo crazy to even believe. J* is reading, s* hasn`t been drinking as much. J* is working his smoking addiction, and we have been working soooo well with the members to support them. We`re doing a ton of FHE`s, almost all our lessons are with member...we even played bball with Jorge and some other members this morning..and basically we`ve just been working really hard! Lets be real...we`re kicking butt!  
E* sky rocketed downward...and we`ve had some interesting experiences with him this past week. It makes me sad, but I know that he`ll come around again. We had a couple members go and talk to him so I`m hoping he warms up soon. 

On Friday we were in Santiago almost all day, yet again cause we had to have another class for the newbies. Saturday was like our first "normal" day...but I should actually just stop talking about it in general because I really have had not one "normal" day in my whole mission. Lets be real...a "normal" day is a weird day. 

On Sunday S* and J* came to church. ...along with several less actives...N* and her daughter ...I wasn`t even imagining the possiblity that they would come and they did, now we just have to help them keep going! It`s amazing how God works sometimes...really in just the most MIRACULOUS ways. 
I love you all. Lets be real...I love you all a freaking LOT. 

Hermana Alex Johnson

PS my companion thinks I have 6 months left in the mission. I didn`t lie, but I didn`t tell her the truth either haha. Better to just not think about if you know what I mean. Lets be real. 

Dont worry about us here in Santa Maria.         

With Hermana Stanger... the amazing mission secretary and friend!

....This monday we went through my clothes. Lets just say it was a stressful thing haha.

MI HIJITA NUEVA! Hermana Crump from UTAH! ... I have had just sooo many companions from Utah. Its kinda funny haha. She`s from the same ward as Sister Cottle. 

 S*and J* church with us! 

Camilia and I :) Cutie no?

Guys in the church...lots getting activated! Building up ZION!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Alex's Last transfer!

Happy FATHERS DAY yyyyeessssteeerrDADY haha. Okay, cheesiest joke of my life. Not gonna lie. But ..still funny. Dad, I hope that you had the greatest Fathers Day. I am so greatful for the great example you have given me throughout my life. I have been able to apply many important principles in my mission, and in my life in general. I have the best two greatest Dad`s ever. Dad (CSJ) and my Heavenly Father. I can`t ask for anything better. 

Mom. I sent an email about work. PLEASE stop killing your hand. Praying para tu manito. 

This week we worked great with members. We are working really hard to be able to do it! We have tried a ton of ideas, and guess what...they are working!! The members, little by little are starting to help more and more. 
This Sunday we had branch conference, and there was a little bit of a hammering. The theme was Jacob 1:19, but it is good. They understand the importance. Someone`s just gotta plug in some batteries. 

We`ve been teaching F* a ton this week....MIRACLE OF THE WEEK. J*, the brother of E* and S*, AFTER INVITING HIM LIKE FIVE THOUSAND MILLION TIMES decided that he wanted to come to church by himself. He said that he`s seen true patience, and love, and that he felt that we really and truly represented Christ`s church. We always invited him, even though he ALWAYS said no. But he was listening in the distance the whole time. And he came to church this week! And guess what else...we invited him to be baptized, with a baptisimal date for like a month and a half...and he said he wanted to do it as quick as possible. Before his brothers. ...I seriously couldn`t believe it. He`s reading...and dang. What a guy...and he`s taking his own measures to stop smoking. What a miracle! God, in his time and according to our faith, diligence, and obedience, will touch peoples hearts...change people`s hearts. 

Elder Robbins came to see us this week. It was mind blowing. ...I really cant believe the amount of general authorities that have come to see us in my time here in four or five. A lot. 

We had some more rain days...but these last two days have been HOT. weird. I didnt even use my jacket yesterday. Even at night. ...Better enjoy it now haha! 

People are WORLD CUP LOVERS here...well, they`re soccer lovers. In the US there is just SUCH a variety of sports and what its SOCCER, SOCCER, and more SOCCER. Dont ask me happened the day that Chile played, because we had to go in early and plan since everyone gets drunk and crazy when there are soccer games. One drunk guy used the cheesiest pick up line that I`ve probably ever heard... something like "you`re so`re like Eve, but thats okay cause I`m your Adam" BARF.

I bet you all want to know what`s happening for this next change in my mission: Hermana Nielson is going to another sector in Quilicura that`s right next to lo marcoleta and Hermana Clark is in Catemu. Hermana Ceccon is in San Felipe still, and ME...I`m going to Santiago get my hijita number 3 and bring her back to Santa Maria!! Wahoo! 

Asi son las cosas. Overall it was a short week with all the stuff that`s been going on, but for all the time we lost, we`ve had a kickin week. Love Chile...and I love being a missionary. Be jealous. ...or better yet.....BE A MISSIONARY. 

Hurrah for Israel! 
Love you all!!!
Hermana Alex Johnson

Chillin with mis hijitas por....what could be a last time.


Bye Hermana Alonso! We`re gonna miss ya!

Service project! painting...and with the crazy Argentinian gal haha

Conference with Elder Robbins

Hemana Paola and I! She`s a doll! 

Elias and I...prepping for the mission!!! He comes out to help us a ton! 

Sweet family. Recent converts the kids. 

Saying goodbye to Flia Bustos

NDH con Flia Vargas... (FHE)

World cup awesomeness....they recruited a missionary.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Camping in Chile: #WINTER2

It`s starting to cool down on our side of the equator. Every day is getting colder and colder…and we`ve been seeing a ton of RAIN.

On Tuesday I had intercambios with Hermana Ceccon! Oh what a blast that was. It`s cool to be able to see her often, and its even better to know that the friendship we formed never ended even with a good amount of time seperated from one another. We did a service project painting, and we spent all day working with members, which is a miracle…AND it poured. Even bigger miracle. It hasnt rained here in such a long time…sprinkling ..but nothing like this. Its a relief for the people here. And the mountains look amazing with  their sugared snow tops. I love it!!! ….except the being really cold part. I dont remember being so cold the winter before..maybe cause I had just gone through the winter in Washington. But I barely used tights, and all that jazz.. Now I use tights without fail haha. whatevs.

On wednesday it was a little bit of a bust. ...we walked around in the cold and rain doing contacts all day. Till about 8:30ish at night when we had a FHE witha a bunch of new converts and investigators..kinda. They`re all children that 1/2 live on the street. 

On Thursday we had zone conference. ..I had to say goodbye and president too. I`ll send lots of pics next week. But I had to share my "what I learned in the mission and BYE" testimony..which was hard. 
It continued to rain. Big time.

On Friday E* and S* started their plan to stop drinking FOREEEVVVERR. And their whole family is noticing a difference in who they are becoming. Pray for them!! Their brother said lots of awesome things about what he`s seen in their progress and how we`ve helped and has now decided to share with us because of it. God continues to touch and change peoples hearts daily. 

On Saturday.....I LOST MY PLANNER!!! you know how devestated I was???!?! All of our plans, numbers, directions...the worst all the referencias we`d recieved! ..oh it was devistating. I even informed the radio station so that I could find it ..but nothing. And to top it all of ...a heater burnt my skirt in the back. What an adventure. 

Yesterday was great too. Church, lots of lessons, Hermana Angelica went with us to las cabras, and we finished it all with a FHE in her house too. 
When we got home the power was out....COLD COLD COLD. 
Im back to feeling like I`m camping often times. Thats kinda fun. ...and other times not. 

Played bball this morning and enjoyed the sun and beautiful weather for the first time in like 2 weeks....well, kind of since we had to be inside for the whole day. 

Keep praying. Help the missionaries. Give them referrals. Invite our neighbors to do FHE`s with you all. Take friends to mutual. Talk to people in the supermarket, at long as there are friends and family who are not members, our work isn`t finished. 

Love you all, 
Hurrah for Israel

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 1639856923463258...and more to come

Lets just say a ton happened this week and leave it there. Haha...jk. Mom would probably die. 

We found several new investigators this week, in spite of the lack of contacts that we did. We are supposed to focus 50 50 in proselyting and in reactivating, but this week we lacked on our reactivation work, but it was a very fulfilling week. 

On Friday I had to go to Santiago, and I spent a lot of time chatting with Hermana Dodds about stuff. I`m so grateful to have met her on the mission. She`s just awesome. President seems to be a little stressed out...he`s got a LOT on his mind and a LOT of stuff to do...but he sure will be missed. I`m almost positive that he will become a member of the 70...he has been a great example of obedience and steadfastness. I have really grown to love him. 

We somehow managed to find a couple sick investigators, one man that has had two brain operations in the last 2 months. Crazy recovery. And some less actives as well. It makes me so sad...they need so much love. God knows ...and how great it is that we have the atonement of Christ to help us with such trials. 

We were on our way to las cabras, a small town kind of in the middle of nowhere, and my knee was hurting, and I felt I needed to just we decided to walk instead of ride on our bikes. Well we did some contacts, and found a sweet new investigator, whose wife died just a couple months ago...and then when we left PITCH BLACK. Dumb me...there werent any street lights...and I wasnt gonna be disobedient and get in a car with a guy, so we ended up singing and walking in the dark (with the cell as our light) till the bus came by. Then when we got off we got off to get our bikes and there were these people. They were like " theres no house back there!!"...even though I had seen it on the first trip back there...and then they went back there to "feed the dogs" ...I think they must be hiding something....robbed stuff...bodies. Who knows. But I stopped my investigating sense and just got out of there. Gotta listen to the spirit.

We went to visit S* and E* and they were drunk.....I cant imagine being so addicted to something that it just becomes PART of me. Its so hard for them. They drink something small every day...but they were HAMMERED. We were not able to teach them in such conditions. But I told them whats up, in a VERY loving way, but I did tell them that if they didnt come to church we wouldnt be seeing them for a very long time. Then I took their hands and on one I wrote "Nos vemos. La iglesia 10AM" and on the other hand I wrote "no importa. Vaya igual" or "it doesn´t matter. Just go." and we left. But they came to church! It was a miracle. ...they left after the first hour, which was good cause they were hungover and it was better that they went home, but it was a miracle that they came. They said they started waking up with a headache and then they looked at their hands...and it made them get up. 
A* also came all by himself, we`re gonna try teaching him one more time...but if he`s not 100% dedicated its gonna end for good. In church he even got up and shared his testimony about the BOM and whatnot, it was a little crazy but amazing. 

Lots of miracles are happening, and talking to the bishopric, they told me... "we`re close!" And I feel like its the truth...we are improving so much. ...but we are helping the members first and foremost. God is great. 
Today we played bball in the morning, and it was cool. Hermana Nielsons got skills.....we started calling her O’Nielson haha. 

Let us keep allowing the influence of the spirit to guide our lives. change our lives. 

Hurrah for Israel! I love you all! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

PDAY picnic in the sun

My companion is the most photogenic person I have ever met.

Talk about beautiful...I LOVE CHILE. 

pretty views from up high

Thats so Chile.

Far far away....

Liderazgo. Hermana Diaz doing great! 

Crew 2 (No clue what that means, LOL!)

Pday BBALL in the morning. Sacando la mugre. Still got it in me! 

Burnt castle....we went to see it but the path up was closed. 
Hermana Nielson likes taking crazy pictures of me....when I`m least expecting it!