Monday, February 17, 2014

The Pure LOVE of Christ

So ...I competed one year in my mission. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I honestly cant believe it. ...good thing I`m gonna serve another one...or two. We made smores to celebrate. 
Mom! I got your package and I loved it. ...I might have freaked out when I saw the bag of cheese its and root beer candies, and almond joys...and ....and everything else!!! YUM! And the letters are always my favorites! The boots fit great. Nice work haha! 
My Seahawks T-shirt can stay safe at home so I dont have to lug it around and then bring it back home. Keep it safe for me! 
Also I got Ella`s pouch letter! The same day that I got my package!! I loved it. thank you so much!!...speaking of letters, you are ALWAYS welcome to send more. No pressure. 

NEWS: Im not extending my mission. President cant authorise it because my last change is with a different mission president. And I wouldn't know till a month before...and praying and thinking about it....well I just feel like everything is telling me to NOT do it. Even though I want to...
But Im learning how to trust in him. 
And yes. answer your following question Mom, Im gonna start school September 2nd. FIND ME A HOME. ...PEAS. Preferably in Campus plaza...south side. First floor....actually you could try to get S104!!! That would be the BEST lol. 
BUT. That changes NOTHING about our previous plans. YOU ARE COMING TO GET ME IN CHILE. NO EXCEPTION. 

But enough about that stuff....I HAVE A WHOLE MISISON TO FOCUS ON! 
Lets see...
P* is staying strong. She was on vacations this week so she didnt come to stake conference, but she is doing well all the same. 

Hermana Clark keeps mentioning that I only have 4 more transfers in my mission...its a pretty big blow every time she says it...not gonna lie. I seriously start tearing up every time I think about going home...about the end. I love you guys, dont get me wrong, but I dont want this to EVER end. ...but its something that I dont have control of....TIME. Dang it. So Im remembering better about every moment,THE NOW. TODAY. I love it...but sometimes, being HUMANS, we forget. Sometimes I dont realize how cool it is to be able to carry Christ`s name on my chest. Sometimes I forget how blessed I am to have the gospel in my life, and I forget how loved I am in general. So Im determined to make EVERY DAY, even more. Make MORE, make it BETTER, and make it MINE. 

Thinking about this, Im learning to talk to everyone I can. Before it was hard to just start talking to someone, to do contacts in the street...but now we are working to do a TON. Im praying so much that I can improve. We had stake conference and there was a story about Elder Eyring who had a friend that moved to his town. Several years later he passed away...and Elder Eyring learned that he had moved for several reasons: many lost family members, a hard divorce, loosing his job...and Elder Erying says that he had a dream. This man came to him in his dream and said, "you knew ALL of this (the gospel) and you never told me?" ..honestly that hit home for me. I never want to feel that way, and as I have been reading in the scriptures, it says COUNTLESS times that we need to OPEN OUR MOUTHS and declare repentance. Im determined to do it. I am determined to talk to EVERYONE, and I am determined to declare repentance as well (Extending commitments). 

This week Im trying to remember more. Something I`ve been learning is that our faith is based on the rememberance of various evidences. For example, laman and lemual...they didnt have faith because they FORGET about the angel. And the brother of Jared, he didnt have faith, because he had KNOWLEDGE...because he had seen evidences of the Lord`s hands in his life (hahah...if you get my drift). I love that. We need to LOOK and REMEMBER these evidences in our daily lifes. 

This week we had a good week. We seem to be having lots of problems with helping our investigators come to church. For lots of reasons, one being the time, one being that they are all on vacations...but I know there is SOMETHING MORE we can do! What did you guys do to help your investigators come to church? 

We had some investigators, and we had to have a pretty good heart to heart....I felt like I was truly teaching with power and authority, and that was sooo cool!!!....and I KNOW they felt the spirit....but they decided that they didnt want to change. It makes me so sad for them because its what they wanted, what they needed.....and they KNOW it. But they dont want to accept it. Thats probably one of the hardest things for me on my mission. The things I can`t control. 

We have several investigators with baptismal dates. And ...well all but one went on vacations this last week or two, so thats been a little hard, but this week they should all be back!! We still passed many mission goals, in spite of it all. God will bless us as we work our hardest. AND with all of our investigators that have baptismal dates, we are working with memebers better, and its been helping a ton!! I love it. 

We are working lots with members. We are improving, and its helped our investigators a lot. We are opening our mouths and talking to the WORLD. We are doing our best to share the pure love of Christ with ALL. We are doing well with our obedience with we have to just keep improving.
BUT I am ready for changes. I will complete 10 months...and "it is TIIIMMMMEEE." I am ready to take everything I`ve learned here in Lo Marcoleta and put it into practice...OVERTIME. 

Also! Happy Valentines day. I hope you are all sharing the PURE LOVE OF CHRIST with allllll the world. ..and that you are doing it EVERY DAY! How do you do it!? HELP THE MISSIONARIES. I hope you guys are inviting people, giving the missionaries references, and helping them in lessons....if you arent, DO IT. Sharing your testimony is one of the greatest things you can do to grow it, and to have TRUE happiness. I promise! 

But yea. I realized who I really wanted to be after my mission..and I realized I`m a little far off. So I´ve made some goals, and I`m going to DO THEM. 

I love you all, 
Hurrah for Israel! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

It's fun that they both play BBall!

...and Bowl

... and like smores!

Hermana's in her Zone

Serious contrast of color here.

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