Monday, April 22, 2013

Spiders Galore

   I don´t remember what a wrote last week...and all of my thoughts are mixed together each week. Time here FLIES. Well that´s a lie..the day´s are long and the weeks are short. If that makes ANY sense. To me it does haha. 
     Spiders. Still a problem. ...and it´s so much easier dealing with them knowing that they can KIIIILLLLL MEEEE!!! GAH! This week I was in the bathroom...using ...the bathroom. #selfexplanitory #thankyoumomforsendingmehashtags. Haha anyways, I´m in the bathroom and then SHABAM. Coming right towards me is a spider the size of my freaking ...thumbnail. But a spider nonetheless!! So what do I do?? Scream. I scream bloody freaking murder. Of course Hermana Waters talks that as a sign that she has the liberty to barge into the bathroom...but the spider is by the door! So she starts to come in to the bathroom, I´m a little exposed, and as she opens the door she moves the spider closer to me. So what do I do?? Scream louder. But of course!!! The solution to every problem!! What ended up happening was that I took a shampoo bottle and smacked it...cracked the bottle. But the spider was dead! And you bet my companions sure got a laugh out of that for the next..they´re still talking about it actually haha. 
     Something great about my mission is that we don´t have to get up till 7:30..we don´t get to go to bed till 11:30, but something about it just makes it easier haha. We´re not supposed to go back to the house before 10 though...and depending on what part you are in, it´s a little bit dangerous. But we´re careful.
     Now let me tell you the story of Hu***. He is an investigator, and a very sweet old man. He has close to nothing and some health problems. He is super excited to get baptized! ...but will not be able to get baptized till next year because he ran into a little trouble with the law a while back. He is so good about his prayers and coming to church though. A very sincere man. (he´s actually an investigator of the the elders). Anyways, because Hu*** has health issues and what not his house is dirty...but not just dirty. His house is...oh. I felt so sad. You literally couldn´t see the floor. It was CAKED in dirt. And as you walk towards the´s just brown. Nothing functions and it smells as if animals have lived there and then are rotting. It´s not very was very sad. So we had the idea to help clean. Now...I hope nobody ever has to do what we did. I was so sad for him because he has nothing. so as we clean we start to discover more....including NESTS of spiders. Including ¨things¨that were just rotting. It was literally a sight from my nightmares. The only reason I was able to do anything was because I wanted so badly to help and I prayed SO hard because of it. Anyways, that. But afterwards, I felt the spirit so strong. I was just so grateful for everything I had. I was (surprisingly) grateful for the opprotunity. To my sisters, you help mom clean the house. And don´t you dare complain about it. We have so much. Many people here have NOTHING. Always remember how blessed you really are. 
     My fear of spiders is still extreme, but my fear of dogs is all but nonexistent now. Dogs will surrond us or try to bite us through fences on occasion...and we always seem to have at least one dog following us, but it doesn´t bother me much now. In fact I resucued a puppy. It was freezing, and was about to get run over so I walked a mile with it to the church, which was were we were headed, and handed off to someone. Service points haha. 
     Yesterday we did divisions with a member. Connie. she is a ward missionary and a convert to the church. She joined when she was 18 or 19 years old. She has SUCH a strong testimony of the gospel and she loves working with us. I pray she serves a mission because she would ROCK it. Well I went with her and taught a lesson and did contacting It went so well! AND we ran into A***! He´s a young adult who is studying english so he asked me to bear my testimony in english. I was like...well HEY! Don´t mind if I do haha!! Anyways, we ran into him ...actually he stopped ME to say hello. We helped him with his suitcases and what not and got his number. He has questions and wants to know more. PERFECT haha. During this time, Hermana Waters and Hermana Parkinson found a family and womp! We have more people to teach! YAY!
     We also taught R*** yesterday. She doesn´t have a baptism date right now...but that´s mainly because she´s struggling so much with Pa***. He just got expelled from school...and when you get expelled here in Chile they SHRED your papers. You don´t get to just go to another´re DONE with school. Your formal education ends for good. He´s still struggling with drugs, and he is unbelievably rude to his mom. We went over to teach. We started by singing our hymn, as we always do, and then said a prayer. After we said the prayer there was silence....and then they started arguing. Just arguing....
We couldn´t have the spirit. Hermana Parkinson shared a scripture, and the spirit started to come back. And then I felt I had to testify with extreme power...and I did. I did a little bit of chastizing, but nothing bad. I was just very firm. I told them how blessed they were and to not take advantage of the time they have with each other. I told them the need to love each other and I testified of the atonement and the power it has in their lives. How God knows each and everyone of them perfectly and understands them....WANTS to help them. Hermana spoke of Alma the younger, and spoke firmly as well. Afterwards, R*** thanked me. I know we did what we were supposed to do. They´re such a great family, but just like any family they have problems. 
      I discovered something pretty flippin legit yesterday. ALL things in the world are divided into two categories. Yes, only 2. 
Things that are INTERESTING. 
and things that are IMPORTANT. 
I thought a lot about that yesterday...and I thought a lot about my life divided into those two categories, as well as in the lives of my investigators. It helped me see what I really want in life. I challenge you to do the same. 
     Zone conference was awesome. Really chill and a breath taker from all the walking we do. Weird to just sit and learn for hours though! 
     We had family home evening with the elders and some investigators and recent converts. It went SUPER WELL! And at the end we had cookie cracker things with honey! It was good...till I looked in the honey jar and saw all the bugs. YUM. #welcometosouthamerica 
     Here´s some LEGIT scriptures for you. I´m talkin LEGIT:
1N 8:15
Romans 8:28
D&C 58:4
Matthew 35:21
1 Peter 5:14 (people of chile!) 
Mosiah 8:18 ...providing a way for miracles :)

Thank you for your prayers!

in a field of alfalfa

noche de hogar - family home evening

these plants are all over. don´t know what they´re called...but this is a medium sized one.

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