Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lets Be Real

Okay. Sucky first week of the change....ONLY BECAUSE I HAD SO LITTLE TIME IN MY SECTOR TO WORK!!! GAH! That was the hard part. I wanted to work and we had no stinkin time to do it. 

Monday was pday. I spent it with Hermana Dodds and Hermana Ostler so that was fun. Hermana Dodds and I have some fun concoctions for after the mission. FOR REALS. It`s gonna be awesome. 

On Tuesday we went to Santiago to get my hijita, Hermana Crump from Utah. Lets be real. God gave me a companion that is the before-mission-me....awesome and scary. How am I gonna train myself?? I really feel like that. She`s soooo like me. In just way too many ways  to count. Its slightly ridiculous. 

We went and visited some investigators in the hospital in San Felipe one day. It was great. 
We cant work during the game, so that`s not so fun. People go CRAZY here when Chile plays in the world cup. Everyone is either eating asado, or freaking out in the street and everything and everyone is really LOUD. 

Everything is going so well with S*, J*, and the other J*. ...the son. We have seen SOOO many miracles, it`s just tooo crazy to even believe. J* is reading, s* hasn`t been drinking as much. J* is working his smoking addiction, and we have been working soooo well with the members to support them. We`re doing a ton of FHE`s, almost all our lessons are with member...we even played bball with Jorge and some other members this morning..and basically we`ve just been working really hard! Lets be real...we`re kicking butt!  
E* sky rocketed downward...and we`ve had some interesting experiences with him this past week. It makes me sad, but I know that he`ll come around again. We had a couple members go and talk to him so I`m hoping he warms up soon. 

On Friday we were in Santiago almost all day, yet again cause we had to have another class for the newbies. Saturday was like our first "normal" day...but I should actually just stop talking about it in general because I really have had not one "normal" day in my whole mission. Lets be real...a "normal" day is a weird day. 

On Sunday S* and J* came to church. ...along with several less actives...N* and her daughter ...I wasn`t even imagining the possiblity that they would come and they did, now we just have to help them keep going! It`s amazing how God works sometimes...really in just the most MIRACULOUS ways. 
I love you all. Lets be real...I love you all a freaking LOT. 

Hermana Alex Johnson

PS my companion thinks I have 6 months left in the mission. I didn`t lie, but I didn`t tell her the truth either haha. Better to just not think about if you know what I mean. Lets be real. 

Dont worry about us here in Santa Maria.         

With Hermana Stanger... the amazing mission secretary and friend!

....This monday we went through my clothes. Lets just say it was a stressful thing haha.

MI HIJITA NUEVA! Hermana Crump from UTAH! ... I have had just sooo many companions from Utah. Its kinda funny haha. She`s from the same ward as Sister Cottle. 

 S*and J* church with us! 

Camilia and I :) Cutie no?

Guys in the church...lots getting activated! Building up ZION!


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