Monday, December 30, 2013

Hurrah For Israel!

It was TOTALLY AWESOME to talk with you all for Christmas. I was so happy to hear that all is well and that you are all HAPPY. Thats all that mattered to me. 
After we skyped we got straight to wasnt hard at all like I thought it would be actually!! ...I was focused on Hermana Clark and how she was feeling so I made sure to do everything to help HER and I didn´t have any homesickies...thats the blessing of focusing on other haha. But that night I jumped out of bed having realized that you guys had sent a CARD!!! I´d totally forgot about it and so I read it right before bed....that was the closest I got to crying the whole day. There was just something different about getting a hand written letter from each of you! I also studied the scriptures lots and found two stories I absolutley adore...the one about the road to emaus...and I cant remember the other one. But I was able to look at the story in a variaty of ways and its so cool! Luke 24. 

Mom....that is not chilean spanish. That is normal spanish. Just so you know jaja. But that was so sweet of him. I really do love that family...they moved out of the ward but they are on my list to visit SÍ O SÍ!!! 

The 24th I spent with V*, J*, M* J*, y S*....we were able to be out late eating dinner with them and just laughing. Im so excited for you to meet this family mom!!! Shes a GREAT cook too:) V* is the gal who gives us lunch tuesdays and fridays...I think I told you that....

As for packages, please dont worry about that stuff so much. ITS STUFF. I´d perfer LETTERS any day over packages. dont worry about socks or leggings Im SO good on winter stuff. And the yellow shirt is pretty baggy....overall, Ive lost at least 12 pounds in the mission so ....thats probably why. but dont worry about it. Id love some more cute SKIRTS more than anything. But as for needs....Im thinking you should send some cheese its. and root beer candy. And....letters. 

This week was great. Yesterday I about DIED in church with all the investigators we had. ...we have a bunch of progressing investigators!!! This sunday we´re gonna have a baptism. Pilar!!! POR FIN! ...and Firday a family is getting baptized too.....I like to think of them as a ward family cause they just showed up on their own and I was able to pass them on to Hermana Dodds. but I´m so very happy for them. Also Soledad and her four kids came to church. We had a few great lessons this last week and it was so great to FINALLY get them to church. I asked Hermana Soto to help us out a bit and she totally took her under her wing for EVERYTHING. They talked it out and THEY planned when we were all going to get together to have lessons. It was amazing. 

To be honest, the progression Ive seen is this ward is miraculous. Its been YEARS since the ward has had a misson plan, OR has even been ABLE to go to ward council or executive committee.....and when I arrived itd been MONTHS since the ward had seen a we have all of those things. We´ve also initiated a ward plan, dividing the ward in four sectors and putting leaders in each sector, and initiating plans for THEM to teach more less actives and for them to do more mission work...and its WORKED. The bishop trusts and confides in us.... I´ve just seen the ward progress soooo much!!! And it makes me helps me to know that whatever happens this change I will feel like I´ve completed my purpose in my ward. I´ve seen a change...and I´ve seen a dead fire, become a forest fire. LIGHT IT UP. 

With all the stuff that went on, I also had to go to a lidership meeting and I had to do LOTS of other work, but all went well. 

The other day we were doing LOTS of contacting, more than we usually do in one day, and I had NO IDEA where we needed to go. So I just told my companion that we needed to stop and pray. I prayed to be lead in a specific direction so that we could be guided to someone new we could teach. It worked. We both felt like we should go down a specific street and we did. We talked to many people....without much sucess. But as we continued with diligence and faith we passed by a house with a teen sitting outside. We were able to teach him part of the restauration, and he loved it. We have another lesson with him today. ....doesnt matter that the WHOLE time he was flexing his non exsistent muscles in a frankly embarassing matter, and I serioustly almost peed my pants....and died....but hey! The Lord guided us and answered our prayers! He could really use this gospel too!! Like everyone!

Yesterday we talked to a guy who hates americans. That was interesting....he thought we were literal spies and warned us that soon russia and chine were going to destroy us. ...whatever haha. 

Anyways. The work is going GREAT. Im excited and happy to leave the house everyday and talk to the WORLD. Everyone NEEDS this gospel....cuase its the ONLY thing that will really and truly bring them happiness and this world and the world to come. I{m so blessed to have the best family in the world...and the best mission!!!! 

Thanks for all the encouragement...and a special shout out to Hermana Scott who writes me EVERY WEEEK along with the other missionaries and litearlly MAKES MY DAY with her fun stories. I can seriously her her TALKING in her letters haha. 

Love you all!!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson
"Hermana Bike Nerds!"

On Christmas Eve with a favorite family in the ward.

District class on Christmas Day.
Their Christmas Tree.

Their "Christmas Card". Check out the Elf on the Shelf  that they used for the tree's "angel" that I sent her! LOL! Looks like she colored and cut out her nativity scene too!

A family she loves and is teaching!

Apparently this is how their Wal-mart is. It's called Lider there.

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