Friday, March 1, 2013

Blood test... say WHAT?!

Oh heeeeyyy! It's me. I'm still alive. 
Where to begin, where to begin!? 

Well first off, you wanted to hear about my first day at the MTC? Well here's some of my journal entry from that day: 
     I did it! I made it through my first day at the MTC! Yep. And boy am I exhausted. But you know what else? I feel like I'm at HOME. Like my whole life, this is where I was supposed to least for a while. Today, the introduced us to "the life" by having us participate in a teaching experience. People were commenting but it just didn't feel quite right. Then a sister said the perfect thing. She talked about how she left her home to come teach the investigator and the investigator said he felt his heart beat fast, in a way he hadn't before. So when someone made a comment about the Holy Ghost, the investigator was confused. So finally I said, "that feeling you felt..the one that made your heart beat fast, that was the spirit telling you that what she was saying was true." He really liked that. Got a first smile out of him. We did another one just a little bit later, and we were explaining the great apostasy so I used moms glass analogy with the strings being cut and the glass falling to pieces. He loved that. And a sister came up and was like "imma use that on my miiission!" And I was like "cool! Go for it gurl!" yep."
Anyways. I remember loving my first day, but I remember being REALLY tired. To say the least...And I remember feeling humbled. Already. Funny cause in these whole two weeks I really do feel humbled. ALL THE TIME. Which is funny because I didn't think I was gonna need any "humbling"...which is ironic and prophetic for obvious reasons. 
     The food here is nasty. Yep. ...I guess there's no hair in it...I hear I'm gonna have a LOT of that in Chile. BLUCK. (actually to think about it, there was a hair in my salad once...) Anyways it's gross. That's all. 
     BIG NEWS OF THE DAAAYY!!! That sore throat I had? Well on Sunday it was bad. Oh. And I had white spots on my throat. Bad? I thought so. But there was no one here so they called the doc and he told me to take iBprophen and garggle salt water (nasty). So I did that. Immediately on Tuesday morning we went into the doctors. He tested me for strep and mono. The lady that tested me for them was really bad at taking my blood, but I didn't yell or get mad...and I only cried a little. There's a big bruise on my arm from where she did it though. No bueno. Anyways. Results came back. Not strep. Went back later that guessed it. Guess what I got at the MTC!?!?!? MONO. What the heck!?!? For the record, I PROMISE I haven't been TOUCHING boys, let alone kissing them! The doctor said that it's actually really common here at the MTC. LAME. He said I'm one of the unfortunate cases that caught it cause someone decided to sneeze on me like my first day. RUDE. That's just rude. I'm okay now, but I'm not even allowed to play sports cause they don't want my splien to rupture.'s weird. I did get a blessing though. And he said that I will be better in time to go to Chile. I just take iBprophen all throughout the day, and I've had to go take a nap in the middle of the day once. He told me that I'm going to have to do that on occasion. My companion is good at that. She's the one who tells me to sleep. BUT ALL IS WELL. Promise. I'm being exactly obedient with EVERYTHING. Seriously. Schedule, gym, class time, white handbook, and even doc's orders (which really sucks cause I just want to play bball at gym...but I have to RUN!) gah..
     I'll email the girls AND write them today. But tell Hannah CONGRATS! Also tell her she should probably go on a mission. It's like the most legit decision she could ever make. Oh and if she doesn't she's gonna get married. In two weeks #mormongirltothemax...
     I got the package!!! There was even a little hole so Mater could breathe! That's what we call awesomeness. Thank you sooo much! Everything has come in handy. And I shared a couple Hi-Chews with my district cause...well you sent like a BAJILLION. My companion loves the nutella;). We have parties. With the nutella. Cause that's just what we do here at the MTC. I showed them your card too and everyone thought it was cuuute! Elder Bigelow was impressed! And the pictures! I put lots of them up! And everyone in my district was like CUTE! your family! ...yep.
    HEY! D&C 64. Revelation given on September 11. Read vs. 9-11. You'll see what I'm gettin at. Pretty cool! 
    Wanna hear who spoke at devotional on Tuesday? ELDER BALLARD. oohhhhh yea. It was WAY cool. I'm running out of time but one of my favorite parts was that he talked about trusting the Lord, and as we trust him and further rely on him, he does the same for us. And he told us to be confident. 
     I love you all! SOOO much! My walls are plastered with your letters and pictures. And Cars stickers (uh DUH) but seriously. You guys are amazing! 
Con amor, 
Hermana Alex Johnson 

Mom requested a photo to see my tag on me!

She hates being on the top bunk... looks like she's happy!

Happy to get a package from Mom with her Mater Pillow Pal. I'm glad she has it now for her mandatory naps!

Putting good use to the photos that Mom ordered through Shutterfly.
Letters... the new wallpaper!

Elder Laws & Elder Pauni

Apparently this is how Alex remembers the Spanish days of the week!

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