Monday, July 14, 2014


My kewyboarsd is RWEALLY mwesswesd up...FYI. To rewasd this you`re probably gonna newwesd weithwer an urmim thumim...just think of it as a fun jigsaw puzzlwe or somwething! 
whwen I typwe an E=we
whwen I typew a C=xc
Whwen I typwe a D=sd
Sorry...thats just what thwere is!
This week was a blur. J* sdisdn`t gewt baptizwesd. Hew felt frewally basd but, but hwe sdisdn`t makew it baxck on satrudsay from up north for his intwerviwew...ansd hwe strugglwesd with thwe cigarrwettwes all thwe same. This week hwe`s totally gonna do it though. He`s sooo detwermined. He has a suit, and a smile. ..hwe`s bweewn rweasding a TON in thew BOM ansd hwe unsdwerstandss a lot..ansd lovews it. I`vwe nwevwer sweewn a man so willing to xchangwe to follow XChirst...hwe truly is a GOLSDEN invwestigator. I love him. 
We hasd intewrviwes with prwesisdnwet Visdwela ansd all wwent well. It wasn`t thwe samwe, but I rewally rewspect him ansd his wifwe. 
I was a litlwe sixck xcolsd wiswe this wwewek, but all bwettwer! Wwe just kwewept going ansd Gosd blwessewsd us for our sdiligewnxcwe. 
 We founsd lots of nwew invwestigators this wwewek...ansd put lots of baptismal sdatwes ....for thwe 10 de Agosto...y that was prewtty wweirsd. We founsd somwe RWEALLY grweat invwestigators too...STOKWESD to work with thwem. 
It was a harsd wwewek...It was wemotional xcauswe I was so worriwesd about what we werwe going to sdo with J* ansd his family, but hweps gonna bwe grewat. Hwe rweally is xchnanging ansd sdoing ALL hwe xcan. hwe is an wexamplwe ansd his timwe is nwear. But it was strwessfull...ywet He hwearsd my praywers ansd was ablwe to answer thwem. I love Him. 
Thanks for YOUR praywers. I cxan fewwel thwem
Hurrah for Israwel! ...como siempre
Hwermana Alwex Johnson

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