Sunday, July 13, 2014

Epicness 2.0

I`m not trunky. Don`t ask me. You already have the answer. I haven`t given myself, or my companion the option, and I`m working HARD. The hardest possible. ...I`m making sure to NOT COUNT the days, but to make the days COUNT. So don`t worry about me. Lets just focus on the mission can we?!
Okay, last pday we did BMX. I ate it twice...but the times I didn`t eat it I had seriously EPIC jumps. Long story short, it was really cool. 
Our zone is doing a 40 day fast, where someone in our zone fasts every day for the zone in general. I fasted this week and I felt so was a weird feeling fasting for the whole zone, but lots of times I can literally FEEL that there is someone fasting for us here in Santa Maria, so that`s awesome. 
Familia B* was a bit of a rollar coaster this week. J* went to work far away and didn`t have coverage all week...and I was like freaking out. And we taught his family several times this week..and that was super hectic because one day they were all wasted, or high..and it was just sad to see. J*, the son, felt really bad...and asked if he could pray to repent...and it hit me so hard when he prayed, I seriously started to tear up. ..but that`s okay. It`s his decission. J* is READY to get baptized, the dad. He`s worked SO hard to be able to stop smoking...and he invited the Stake President to his baptism! He`s gonna help his whole family change. We heart attacked them...and that was fun! We taught J* a bunch yesterday...and he is so ready for his baptism this next week…I`m so excited for him!! 
We met our new president, and it so weird...but good. He`s great. He`ll change a lot of things in the near future...he`ll let the rings a little loose..but then he`ll tighten them again. He`s like Sister Essig, and his wife is like President. 
Hope you guys had a great Fourth of July, I did! We worked like normal! WAHOOO!!! couldn`t have asked for a better festival! 
We have another amazing investigator, N*, and you could even say she is `chosen` ...she is really special and has such LOVE. She cant go to church yet cause she takes care of her sister who was in a coma for 3 months...and then the operated her brain..crazy right! She`s reading and wants to be baptized. I love her for her pureness and genuine love. She`s gonna do great things. It was a miracle how we found her too. For reals...a MIRACLE. I love miracles...God is great. 
Yesterday there was a baptism in the branch, and that was so cool! It was a miracle, but it brought me such great joy for him and his family. 
The branch is changing.....I couldn`t be happier. For reals. The assistance has almost doubled, and we`ve tripled the amount of lessons we have with members every week...we had the FIRST ward meeting...(I don`t know how to say it in english sorry haha) and we`re just working better together in general. 
Today we went sightseeing, and it was super fun! I loved it. It was good to get out again...gotta enjoy EVERY PDAY RIGHT!? 
Love you all...a ton.
Hermana Alex Johnson

With... Hermana Ceccon

Hermana Clark

Hermana Stanger

Hermana Dodds

Hermana Johnson and her Utah Triplets: Hermana Nelson, Hermana Crump, and Hermana Clark

some of the Hermanas that came out together! And there are more!

Such a great photo!

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