Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sweet Happiness

Quiet...I have an anouncement please! 
JORGE ANTONIO BUSTOS ALVAREZ is now MORMON! Baptized 20th of July 2014 with the biggest smile I have ever seen! He showed up in a suit and tie...and it was so ...impresionante! For reals! It was such a beautiful thing. We had a beautiful musical number, with violin, voice, and piano. There was a baptism of presidents daughter as well, so there were lots of people, and it was just really awesome how everything turned out. You should have seen is face ...ALL WAS BRIGHT....he was seriously RADIATING joy! TUVIMOS MUCHO GOZO y yo no podía haber tenido una sonrisa mas grande. Todo fue HERMOSO. I talked to Elder Muñoz after he had the interview with Jorge and he said that it had been a VERY long time since he had seen someone like really made me smile. He really is someone VERY special. He has given his whole self to God....and I love him for it. He is an example to me. 

The week was hard...but with the sweetest of endings....or better well put with the sweetest of BEGINNINGS, cause thats all there is. Everlasting begginnings. For reals.

N* came to church this week....she wants to change and be baptized...too bad I probably wont be here when it happens, but thats okay. Shes amazing, just works a lot. But she knows its the truth...her whole family is astonished that she is coming to church, since she didn`t even believe in God before really. Lots of changes in her life...good ones too. 

This week I had one wired down day....I was just tired, and in pain, and exhausted and discouraged really. And it felt like an empty day..but the next day, even feeling the same things...I made sure to do my BEST. and there was a difference. It was still hard, but not because of my attitude. Like Mom always says, "attitude, attitude, attitude." ...I realized that I have had some trials on my mission and what not...but you know what? I have NEVER been happier. Even when I`m exhausted I wake up smiling. How amazing is that!? Even when bad things happen, I never let myself get discouraged. ...I`m just always HAPPY. Our happiness is not determined by the external circumstances of life, but by the principles we chose to live by and the attitude we have. I never want that to end. NEVER. I LOVE these feelings of joy...that only come for being a missionary. I love my Heavenly Father and Christ my Savior.... #tengogozoenmialmahoy

We are eternal beings of an amazing Heavenly Father, who loves us dearly. God is Great. 
Hurrah For Israel! Let us praise Him! 

Love you all, 
Hermana Alex Johnson 

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