Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Random Spurt of Awesomeness: Creativity is Productivity

Often times we have what I like to call "random spurts of awesomeness." It's fairly self explanatory. They're random, they're spurts, and they're awesome.

It can happen while you're cooking and you decide to go "off recipe" and it turns out to be the most delicious thing in the world.

It can happen when you're writing a paper and the coolest take comes to you out of no where, and you magically snap out of your writers block with a bajillion connecting ideas.

It can happen when you go fly fishing and without really having to try, you know exactly what they're biting and therefore catch a ton of fish.
Photo credit: India Ink
Or it can happen on a quite and cold Saturday afternoon, with almost no one around. the living room listening to your personalized indie Christmas playlist while thinking about life and having a random spurt of awesomeness that on this instance I'd like to call "creativity is productivity",,,which might be just what happened to me.

Random spurt of awesomeness. I painted for 8 hours straight. I finished three paintings and have one underway.

It just happened. I decided I wanted to paint, and I knew I knew that I wanted to finish one and start another but I was in the spurt of awesomeness zone. I just felt it. I wanted to paint, and paint, and paint some more!

I just thought:
I'm okay with this. I am completely and 100% okay with this. No complaints from me....well besides the fact I was hungry. I painted all through lunch. And dinner. And, lets be honest, It was break. I slept through breakfast. But I was soaking it up!

I got to work, and I finished it. 

I felt productive. Not because I did a ton of homework, I did very little to be honest. Not because I went to work every day, because work was closed. 

Nope. Because I was creative.  

President Uchtdorf gave a talk about creativity that I absolutely adored, and he illustrates so well just how important it is. He also reminds us that we all have the ability to create.

Creativity is one of the greatest tools we have as human beings. It is an amazing gift from our Heavenly Father. 

No wonder I felt productive being creative. I was fulfilling, in a sense, a part of my divine purpose. And that always feels good. 

But I realized something. Creativity is productivity. It didn't matter if I was being graded on it, I was cultivating a skill. I was fulfilling my personal potential. I was doing something worthwhile, which is 100% possible without a grade. 

Three paintings done, and one on the way...all done within eight hours on Saturday. 

Success? Yes. 
(There's still one on the easel. I'm hoping to finish it during finals week if I can)

And not because of quantity. Not even because of quality. Just because I did it. I was creative. I was productive. I did what He wanted me to do, and used the opportunity provided to me. #win

Point: Random spurts of awesomeness are ...well, awesome. CREATIVE spurts of awesomeness are also awesome, and sometimes

Color up your life. Be creative. 
And it never hurts to do it in style. #fingerpaintingrocks

Friday, November 21, 2014


FACT: I am happy.

Not like my name, but like emotionally. Come on people this is no time for jokes.
Two weeks ago I made a decision that would make a great impact for the remainder of my semester.It could arguably have changed my life. Making me a completely different person, and even opening my eyes in such stunning ways.

Not to be dramatic or anything. I know that I joke a lot and what not, but really folks. This was a really cool...serendipity type moment.

FACT: I made a decision; I decided to be happy. Yes. I DECIDED.

You know, happiness really is a decision. Happiness depends more on the principles someone chooses to follow than on the external circumstances of life.

In other words we either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.

Chew on it.

To quote one of my heroes
It changes things, the effect of a smile. It really is one of my favorites.

Honestly, this was a big moment for me guys. I mean, I've always understood the internal and external principles of "happiness," but I also think that we has humans have some common defects. Imperfections is most likely a better word. These imperfections cause us to judge ourselves from multiple outlets, generally external and internal. Or, from the standard we've set for ourselves and the standard the world sets for us. The pitfall is that often times the standard we set for ourselves is biased because we've already set the standard based upon the external standard of others.

FACT: I don't know how well I'm explaining myself, but it makes sense in my brain.

In essence, we set this standard. Well lets remember that this standard is often times completely and utterly


I realized I was doing it. Not anything too extreme of course, I am a reasonable person...on occasion. But on a smaller scale I was participating in it. I was setting a personal standard that I myself couldn't fulfill. Not because of anything in particular, just because the standards were unrealistic.

Not being able to reach goals can get you down man. Really and truly. So what was the issue?

Oh yea. My goals.
So I made new goals, my biggest one to be HAPPY. Of course I made little goals to help me obtain the larger goal, but that was my main focus. I did it.

Happiness really isn't hard to find. I just want everyone to know that. It's not as difficult as people made it out to be. It's rather easy actually. You think, about little things you want in your life, and you don't let anything stop you from getting them.

Me? What do I want?

I want to finish school. ASAP.

And I want to discover myself as much as possible in the process.

I want to obtain as much knowledge as possible. I want to learn new languages, and instruments. I want to help the maximum amount of people possible. I want to learn to cook more Chilean food. I want to have a Cars marathon every month. I want to celebrate Christmas and anything joyful every day. I want to read. I want to paint. I want to play basketball, sing, hike and dance around the living room whether or not there are lots of people around.

So that's what I've done for the last two weeks. And it's been the most marvelous thing that could have happened to me.

FACT: I can breath.
Okay, I'll try to be more serious. Because I really am talking serious stuff here. 

There are no external standards, just the internal standard of HAPPINESS that I've created for myself. That and God's standard. That shall never be lowered.

FACT: I couldn't be happier. I really couldn't.

Life wont always be like this, but while I'm living in these "external circumstances" I've chosen happiness, and nothing more, at least for now.

The point of this whole thing is not to rub it in your face just how happy I am, but rather to show how attainable happiness is, even when we can't see it.
So make your decision now. BE HAPPY.

FACT: Decisions aren't half as bad as I thought. Just make sure to ...well choose. Decide. Act.

And I have an additional goal, to add onto the ginormous list of goals that I have created recently. But you're going to like this one:
I think this is a reasonable goal for everyone. This is part of "my work and my glory"...the happiness of my fellow peeps. Make someone smile today. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Glitter Monster. ..creature?

The door opened and I turned my head looking out, only to freeze in mid movement and the sight before me. A GLITTER MONSTER. Unfortunately, this is no exaggeration. Imagine a man being tarred and glittered. Or rolled in glue and then thrown into a glitter filled pool. One of those things happened because there is no way anything less is even an option....unless some old unicorn was just having a bad day, or maybe digestive problems who knows. That might start explaining things. Probably not. We're talking MAJOR glitter here people.
The creature looked something like this, but more "human" like. (I'm not putting man like because the dude was covered in glitter. You loose 'man' rights for that one, at least on a temporary basis)

It was almost as if a very twisted dream had come true and I was stuck right in the middle of it. My mouth was about two inches away from touching the ground. Some sort of animal could have crawled up and just lived there. Obviously I'm glad they didn't, but it was sure a possibility. It was like this. ...but more dramatic. If that's even possible. I was so confused.

Granted, I am the oldest of four girls and that means that yes, there is lots of glitter in my house. But I've never been calked in it, baked in it, or anything of the sort really.

The funny thing was, the only explanation I got was, "I'm doing an art project." 
Again, I'm left un-impressed and still confused. 
I'm minoring in art. Art project is sculpting, painting, photography ect. Considerably though, almost anything can be classified as art. But one thing I know for sure: that much glitter isn't art. In fact you might be bordering on some sort of off hand crack addiction. Careful. 

Soaking in the reaction of it all, and finally having closed my mouth, I started to gather my composure. .. until some of it landed on me.
asldfk jalsfjkd;alfkdsja lsdfk;asjdf;akfjdsjahsdfl;a a;lkshdfu19210wq98 adfa a gdalfaug;acn m,b.vcbjvbxvcnkbvntrsafda gaf;dkla agdsfjbcxbcamqwrolkjcx c.iogfc hnhgvbabfdamea wiqppa. acp
Did that really just happen!? 
As my dad always says, "you mess with the bull, you get the horns." I'm clearly not a bull and obviously don't have horns, but I was debating whether this glitter creature should be given a piece of my mind or if I was just going to let it go. 
Yes. I just did that.
"Glitter never bothered me anyway!" 
I let it go. I calmed down and smiled and we finished the conversation, and I went on my way. 

"What an oddity!" I thought to myself, with a large grin. The glitter monster, although frighting was a needed pick-me-up. I guess some days you just need to GLITTER UP and enjoy life. Often times a pick-me-up doesn't involve glitter, but who's to judge? 
Moral of the story:
Within reason. Please people.

NOTE: Even being a 'girl', I'd prefer to be covered in paint, mud, grease, or water any day. That over glitter? Absolutely yes.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Drop-Off

A new adventure has surely begun. Who knows what great things are in store....not me cause I'm poor. Dirt poor to be exact (Get the word pun? I thought it was pretty good) but that just makes for a funner adventure!
Yesterday we got to my apartment complex after trying some Firehouse Subs, and started unloading my stuff. I had lots of memories come back to me, but in all everything just felt like a dream. I've been getting that sensation way to much lately...maybe get it checked out? I don't know, but it was weird.
Well, the light was on in the apartment, but after some knocking, still no luck. I called the office man and he said he was on his way there, and would be there in 30 minutes. Dad decided to unload the entire car and just plop all the stuff outside my apartment and wait. Which we did. ..but in style.
Lucky for us I had my basketball loose and we played a game of horse. I kicked butt. Johnson butt. ..but Uncle Greg ended up winning in the end. Oh well.
After a game of horse, we continued to wait like homeless people outside of my apartment.
Dad said that they were going to hold hands, and pretend to be my dads dropping me off. They received a penetrating glare for that one.
Overall, everything felt a little like a I was here, but not. Like I'd been here, but not. I'm not completely sure how to describe what I was feeling, but it's definitely a unique one.
I unpacked fairly quickly, to be honest. I couldn't believe how fast I did it, in the amount of time that I did it in. Although, I still have more things than I'd like. I would like to get rid of some stuff still.
Two of my new roommates speak Spanish, and the one that sleeps in my room wants to talk in Spanish with me all day, everyday. WORKS FOR ME.
Everyone seems nice, and I'm excited to start.
To be completely honest though, I feel a little nervous. This is real life! And instead of worrying about matters in the lives of the Chileans, I'm stuck with my OWN life. Bluck. I loved the mission, and sometimes it just makes me so sad to not be teaching every day. To not be doing my contacts every day, even though I try to talk about the gospel as much as I can with as many people I can, its just not the same. Obviously I'm still in the after mission adjustment period. Yes, it's still a struggle to speak in English, wear pants, eat american food...I have yet to wake up later than 7:30 AM, and I still look at my name tag with eyes of longing. But the only thing that's left to do is move forward..and upward, if at all possible.
Lets just hope I can figure out what I'm doing, cause at this point I'm still in dead water...lets get GOING.
Since it's Sunday, I want to share a little food for thought...healthy food. Get it? ...yea stopping.
Anyways I wanted to remind you all to pray every night. There are few things that are as powerful as prayer. He listens. It works way better than wishing on a star, that's for sure. He loves you and wants to not only hear you but bless you, answer you, guide you.

PS. In regards to any English errors...Like I said, #missionafterlife #stilladjusting

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Closing Adventure of Alex the Great... in Chile

Honestly. I don`t even know what to say!! The normal stuff right? Here`s the weekly letter...
The week went was hard with changes that president made. Just cause after hearing for almost a year and a half to NOT do things, and having it drilled in your head, we are now being obligated to do the oppossite. But all I know is that He is obligated to bless you for being obedient.
The schedule change isn`t as much power house go...its like stop go, stop go...etc...and so I feel weaker? like we don`t have as much time.. I don`t know. It just doesn`t feel like the same mission. We had a zone capacitation, zone sé. Our district leader played the violin and it was so pretty. Our zone leaders gave a great training as well. 
A*, Y*, y D* are gonna progress so quickly! They have baptismal dates, and they came to church last week..they didn`t come this week, but they are doing great reading and praying and I just adore them. Its great to have two families supporting each other in what they`re doing. We had some very powerful lessons with them this week...I can always feel the spirit,and I`m so excited to see pics of their baptism. 
People whistle, we whistle back. People yell "I love you" I yell "BAPTIZE ME!" ...hopefully they learn. 
We did have some amazingly spiritual lessons this week...I love that. I think that the mission HAS to be the greatest time of ones`s just to amazing to NOT be. 
We did a service painting project...but not just "painting" we did ART! It was so great...I painted the tree top, the mountain, the clouds, the river...yea. IT was super fun to get paint dirty again. 
We went to a house and I looked up above the fridge, and the 19 yr old kid had written on some broken speaker "I love you Johnson" with stars and hearts and all that jazz... I was ticked.  THEY ARE MEMBERS (even if they are less actives) THEY SHOULD KNOW BETTER.
We did anotehr service project helping kids with school projects and that was super fun. I love HELPING! 
Jorge was confirmed this week...and he`s different. De verdad. He`s doing great and helping his family. I really love him. Bring him a tie from up there! 
Yesterday I felt like I should go talk to this little old man while waiting for the church to open up to go to Branch Council, and we ended up teaching him..then 2 members ended up coming over and helping us..and it was a real miracle and blessing from the Lord. 

Hurrah for Israel! Para Siempre JAMAS! 
LOVE YOU ALL...and yea...I guess...I guess I`ll see you soon.
Hermana Alex Johnson

And... in a sweet surprise... a second email. Darling.

Once upon a time there was a silly gal with a fairly interesting life. She`d lived many things and learned more, but alas...God needed her to reach a higher potential. He told her that "if [she had] desires to serve God [she was] called to the work" and to "be strong and of good courage, to be not afraid, neither ...dismayed" and promised her that he would be with her. With trust in Him and "an eye single to the glory of God" she arrived in Chile,Lacking knowledge concerning His plan for her, she put herself to work and lost herslef int he same. She strived to change the world...spreading light and happiness to all. She completed her purpose by inviting and helping. She knew God had sent her to "preach the gospel" ...and felt privileged to be working by his side in "His work and His glory." She better came to know God and Christ. She changed, and became His disciple. Steadfastness made her stay, diligence made her go, and charity made her give everything for the people of Chile. 
...And suddenly, as a blink of an eye her time was gone. She knew she`d given it her all. Yet the time had come to remember learn and apply everything. 
I was this silly gal, who wanted to serve God my whole life, but I never knew how. And as time passed He helped me understand my purpose. I have served My God with my whole heart, might, mind, and strengh. I love him. I know He lives, as does my Savior and Redentor lives. he loves us and knows us personally.More than we can imagine.f He has a perfect plan for each of us, but it is our responsability to trust him and keep his commandments. 
I repeat the words of Ammon,
do not boast in my own strength,nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my joy is full, yea, mheart isbrim with joyand I will rejoice in my God.
Yea, know that am nothing; as to my strength am weak;therefore will not boast of myself, but will boast of my God, forin his strength I can do all thingsyea, behold, many mightymiracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise hisname forever.

know that which the Lord hatcommanded me, and glory init. do not glory of myself, but glory in that which the Lord hathcommanded me; yea, anthis is my glory, that perhaps may bean instrument in thhands of God to bring some soul torepentance; and this is my joy.
And behold, when see many of my brethren truly penitent,ancoming to the Lord their Godthen is my soul filled with joy;then do remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, eventhat he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do remember hismerciful arm which he extended towards me.
I love Him. I will serve Him forever.
Con amor siempre, 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Monday, July 28, 2014


So last pday was legit. We went to some expensive hotel and some hidden places that are just SUPER cool to check stuf out!! 

I had intercambios on Tuesday, which were really fun. I`ve had several intercambios with Hermana Huranga, and so we get along well, and teach well with each other. 

We are working with more part member families, the majority of which we have FOUND, which is slightly ironic, but hey, whatever works. One is J* and A*, and J* is a member...he used to go out with the missionaries and all that...and A* was a "lost hope" and we have worked so hard to be able to teach them, and now shes excited to read the BOM and everything. She`s had some pretty awesome dreams, and she says that something about the whole thing is just RIGHT.
Jorge went up late to work, and didnt make it down for his confirmation. But he`ll be here this week. He read all of first Nefi! that not just the craziest thing. we are in a race...and he`s winning right now haha. He understands a ton too! 

So our new mission president changed a TON of stuff. Even our schedule...when we wake up and go to sleep, when we eat, when we plan...and a required dinner. I haven`t eaten dinner my WHOLE THATS gonna be weird....Its gonna take some getting used to...that wont happen cause I don`t have the necessary amount of time to get USED to it! 

we have a FANTASTIC investigator named Y*. She`s been reading, and she gets things SO well. On Saturday I felt we needed to visit her, even though we didn`t have a lesson planned and she wouldn`t answer her was off. Well, we went anyways...and we invited her mom that lives right across the street and her brother to participate, and they did! It was one of the most spiritual lessons that I`ve had in a LONG SHABAM BOOM! And they all committed to come to church..and...THEY ALL CAME!!! ...We had so many investigators in church, J* and O* came again...I haven`t seen O* in almost 3 months, and finally hes healthy enough to teach again!!! There were just some awesome miracles in church today! 

I told Hermana Crump that I was going home last night...I had the feeling 3 times that I needed to tell her, so I did. And a good thing...cause she definitely didn`t take it lightly. She said she would have been really mad if I would`ve waited till the last week...but we talked about it and everythings okay now. 

with J*`s kids...we had a bit of a showdown and I told them that I wasn`t gonna put up with their games any was honestly ridiculous. the other day we went and they were drunk....and they were talking bad about their dad....excuse me!! Whos the drunk one right now!? ...So I took the can the kid had and dumped it out. #savinglives

Today we went to Portillo!! (Close to the Argentina border) or went up the mountains and had an adventure!!!! Sledding, snow angels, snowmenm, and snowbals.It was a sick BLAST! 

I just still need to get a new camera card. I made a copy of lots of pics that I put on a cd...Im gonna buy one today to transfer the remainings pics and then reformat my card and camera...that should delete any remaining viruses. 

Sometimes I feel like there are TOO many miracles…or BLESSINGS that God gives me. I feel like a kid in a candy shop with all the joy I feel....I just cant stop being happy....and the spirit is always so strong..:I never want this to end. It really will be hard for me when I`m not working my butt off everyday...lets be honest, but I will ALWAYS serve him...with or without the candy ;) 

Love you lots!!!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sweet Happiness

Quiet...I have an anouncement please! 
JORGE ANTONIO BUSTOS ALVAREZ is now MORMON! Baptized 20th of July 2014 with the biggest smile I have ever seen! He showed up in a suit and tie...and it was so ...impresionante! For reals! It was such a beautiful thing. We had a beautiful musical number, with violin, voice, and piano. There was a baptism of presidents daughter as well, so there were lots of people, and it was just really awesome how everything turned out. You should have seen is face ...ALL WAS BRIGHT....he was seriously RADIATING joy! TUVIMOS MUCHO GOZO y yo no podía haber tenido una sonrisa mas grande. Todo fue HERMOSO. I talked to Elder Muñoz after he had the interview with Jorge and he said that it had been a VERY long time since he had seen someone like really made me smile. He really is someone VERY special. He has given his whole self to God....and I love him for it. He is an example to me. 

The week was hard...but with the sweetest of endings....or better well put with the sweetest of BEGINNINGS, cause thats all there is. Everlasting begginnings. For reals.

N* came to church this week....she wants to change and be baptized...too bad I probably wont be here when it happens, but thats okay. Shes amazing, just works a lot. But she knows its the truth...her whole family is astonished that she is coming to church, since she didn`t even believe in God before really. Lots of changes in her life...good ones too. 

This week I had one wired down day....I was just tired, and in pain, and exhausted and discouraged really. And it felt like an empty day..but the next day, even feeling the same things...I made sure to do my BEST. and there was a difference. It was still hard, but not because of my attitude. Like Mom always says, "attitude, attitude, attitude." ...I realized that I have had some trials on my mission and what not...but you know what? I have NEVER been happier. Even when I`m exhausted I wake up smiling. How amazing is that!? Even when bad things happen, I never let myself get discouraged. ...I`m just always HAPPY. Our happiness is not determined by the external circumstances of life, but by the principles we chose to live by and the attitude we have. I never want that to end. NEVER. I LOVE these feelings of joy...that only come for being a missionary. I love my Heavenly Father and Christ my Savior.... #tengogozoenmialmahoy

We are eternal beings of an amazing Heavenly Father, who loves us dearly. God is Great. 
Hurrah For Israel! Let us praise Him! 

Love you all, 
Hermana Alex Johnson 

Monday, July 14, 2014


My kewyboarsd is RWEALLY mwesswesd up...FYI. To rewasd this you`re probably gonna newwesd weithwer an urmim thumim...just think of it as a fun jigsaw puzzlwe or somwething! 
whwen I typwe an E=we
whwen I typew a C=xc
Whwen I typwe a D=sd
Sorry...thats just what thwere is!
This week was a blur. J* sdisdn`t gewt baptizwesd. Hew felt frewally basd but, but hwe sdisdn`t makew it baxck on satrudsay from up north for his intwerviwew...ansd hwe strugglwesd with thwe cigarrwettwes all thwe same. This week hwe`s totally gonna do it though. He`s sooo detwermined. He has a suit, and a smile. ..hwe`s bweewn rweasding a TON in thew BOM ansd hwe unsdwerstandss a lot..ansd lovews it. I`vwe nwevwer sweewn a man so willing to xchangwe to follow XChirst...hwe truly is a GOLSDEN invwestigator. I love him. 
We hasd intewrviwes with prwesisdnwet Visdwela ansd all wwent well. It wasn`t thwe samwe, but I rewally rewspect him ansd his wifwe. 
I was a litlwe sixck xcolsd wiswe this wwewek, but all bwettwer! Wwe just kwewept going ansd Gosd blwessewsd us for our sdiligewnxcwe. 
 We founsd lots of nwew invwestigators this wwewek...ansd put lots of baptismal sdatwes ....for thwe 10 de Agosto...y that was prewtty wweirsd. We founsd somwe RWEALLY grweat invwestigators too...STOKWESD to work with thwem. 
It was a harsd wwewek...It was wemotional xcauswe I was so worriwesd about what we werwe going to sdo with J* ansd his family, but hweps gonna bwe grewat. Hwe rweally is xchnanging ansd sdoing ALL hwe xcan. hwe is an wexamplwe ansd his timwe is nwear. But it was strwessfull...ywet He hwearsd my praywers ansd was ablwe to answer thwem. I love Him. 
Thanks for YOUR praywers. I cxan fewwel thwem
Hurrah for Israwel! ...como siempre
Hwermana Alwex Johnson

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Epicness 2.0

I`m not trunky. Don`t ask me. You already have the answer. I haven`t given myself, or my companion the option, and I`m working HARD. The hardest possible. ...I`m making sure to NOT COUNT the days, but to make the days COUNT. So don`t worry about me. Lets just focus on the mission can we?!
Okay, last pday we did BMX. I ate it twice...but the times I didn`t eat it I had seriously EPIC jumps. Long story short, it was really cool. 
Our zone is doing a 40 day fast, where someone in our zone fasts every day for the zone in general. I fasted this week and I felt so was a weird feeling fasting for the whole zone, but lots of times I can literally FEEL that there is someone fasting for us here in Santa Maria, so that`s awesome. 
Familia B* was a bit of a rollar coaster this week. J* went to work far away and didn`t have coverage all week...and I was like freaking out. And we taught his family several times this week..and that was super hectic because one day they were all wasted, or high..and it was just sad to see. J*, the son, felt really bad...and asked if he could pray to repent...and it hit me so hard when he prayed, I seriously started to tear up. ..but that`s okay. It`s his decission. J* is READY to get baptized, the dad. He`s worked SO hard to be able to stop smoking...and he invited the Stake President to his baptism! He`s gonna help his whole family change. We heart attacked them...and that was fun! We taught J* a bunch yesterday...and he is so ready for his baptism this next week…I`m so excited for him!! 
We met our new president, and it so weird...but good. He`s great. He`ll change a lot of things in the near future...he`ll let the rings a little loose..but then he`ll tighten them again. He`s like Sister Essig, and his wife is like President. 
Hope you guys had a great Fourth of July, I did! We worked like normal! WAHOOO!!! couldn`t have asked for a better festival! 
We have another amazing investigator, N*, and you could even say she is `chosen` ...she is really special and has such LOVE. She cant go to church yet cause she takes care of her sister who was in a coma for 3 months...and then the operated her brain..crazy right! She`s reading and wants to be baptized. I love her for her pureness and genuine love. She`s gonna do great things. It was a miracle how we found her too. For reals...a MIRACLE. I love miracles...God is great. 
Yesterday there was a baptism in the branch, and that was so cool! It was a miracle, but it brought me such great joy for him and his family. 
The branch is changing.....I couldn`t be happier. For reals. The assistance has almost doubled, and we`ve tripled the amount of lessons we have with members every week...we had the FIRST ward meeting...(I don`t know how to say it in english sorry haha) and we`re just working better together in general. 
Today we went sightseeing, and it was super fun! I loved it. It was good to get out again...gotta enjoy EVERY PDAY RIGHT!? 
Love you all...a ton.
Hermana Alex Johnson

With... Hermana Ceccon

Hermana Clark

Hermana Stanger

Hermana Dodds

Hermana Johnson and her Utah Triplets: Hermana Nelson, Hermana Crump, and Hermana Clark

some of the Hermanas that came out together! And there are more!

Such a great photo!