Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In the End EVERYTHING Works Out!

Well...I FINALLY GOT MY VOICE BACK. Let me just tell you...being a missionary and not being able to talk is about the hardest thing in the world. No. JOKE. But we did it all the same. ...and boy we had some good laughs about it! 
But it helped Hermana Nielson grow lots cause she had to teach a lot more! She had no choice haha. 
This week we had intercambios and I went back to my sector in San Felipe once more. It`s interesting how much even a sector can change over time. After all, it has been more than a year. But all day it was POURING. The first sight of rain we`ve seen all year...and thank goodness that we had it, but it was pretty cold. Good thing was I have this magic shell and my whole upper body didnt get wet like at all! I was so happy it rained...but it sure didn`t help my voice!
Thursday was a bit of a for reals. After our weekly planning session we booked it and I finally caved in and went to the doctor with horrible cough and a TON of flem. this short trip to San Felipe and back we managed to lose our cell (first time in the mission that its happened to me..but I`m almost positive that we were robbed...who knows), were driven home by a drunk taxi joke, followed by some creepy man who wanted to be taught in the really dark corner of nowhere...uh no thank you. ..and he asked for our phone number, where we lived...all that jazz..good thing we didnt have a phone number to give him haha! God is great. ...and a ton of other things. It was an officially classified CRAZY DAY. Of course my angel of a daughter started listing off alllll the blessings we`d seen that day..and we had a pretty good list. It turned out okay in the end, as always. And then we found a little lizzard. CUTE.
I`m starting to realize just how exhausted I am...but God keeps blessing me with continual bursts of energy. Its amazing. 
On Friday Hermana Nielson and Hermana Alonso went to santiago and I stayed with Hermana Ostler and Hermana Alvarez (from San Felipe) and we worked together. It was a short day and then we had a Branch FHE...we are doing them every Friday night and basing every one on the next chapter of the Book of Mormon. Its starting to go really well!
I prayed so hard this week that we could find new investigators, and we found a ton. Really. What blessings we saw in spite of all my sickies and all the craziness. Funny how EVERYTHING ALWAYS WORKS OUT IN THE END! 
We committed S* and E* to go to church...after a long conversation. And yesterday! THEY DIDNT COME TO CHURCH. I don`t get these people sometime. No one is every truly committed to anything. There is such a cultural difference in how they take things here. 
Yesterday there were many miracles, and God guided us in so many ways...really and truly. I love Him! 
And I love you too! sometimes life is hard. The mission is hard...and thats what I think I love most about it. I love feeling like I`ve given it my all. 
You`re probably gonna have to roll me off the plane I`m gonna be so dead....THIS IS THE LORDS TIME, and I`m using it to its full capacity. How blessed I am to be a part of it...that WORD: Blessed. It could be my first name. 
We made smores yesterday. It was awesome.
Hurrah for Israel!
Hermana Alex Johnson

From my cats and grapes adventure! 

Bye Elder Fernandez!!! What cha doin up there??! 

We sure are a funny bunch

SANTA about epicness

Intercambios. ...gemela y hijita:) 

GUESS WHAT WE FOUND ON HERMANA NIELSON`S BED!!! LEGIT. I think it just wanted to be warm! It could barely move it was so cold!!! 

se llama la copa...its right in our sector. ...everything behind it is ALSO our sector...and not even half. 6% haha. Its gotta be one of the biggest sectors in our whole mission. We dont even have a map. You just gotta figure it out!

We goofed off for just a second....enjoying the last bit of sun!

SMORES....ghetto mission style haha

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