Sunday, May 18, 2014

Cats and Grapes

HAPPY MOM DAY! ...yesterday! I LOVE MY MOM! SHES THE BESTEST MOST AMAZINGEST. So glad I was able to talk with my beautiful family yesterday. I love you all!! ...even when you are grumpy...or sleepy...Love you guys all the same. 

This week was full of cats and grapes. Let me explain...

Monday was a chill day. ....we had some extra lessons so we finished pday several hours early and just worked extra. I loved it. Cats and grapes.

Tuesday was crazy...but I dont remember why haha. 

Wednesday we did a fun service project: PAINTING. Even though we were just painting the wall it felt so good to be doing it. It helped us gain their confidence too....they want to help us more! Cats and grapes.

Thursday was a fast-go kinda day. And at the end we had a lesson with some investigators...and when we got there they were all drunk. I dont know if it happens a lot in other missions but it seems to happen quite often here haha. Anyways...I kinda chewed um out ...well big time chewed um out. I knew they werent gonna remember everything, so I made sure to write some of the important points on the palms of their hands (one of the biggest points I wrote that said NO TOMA, or DONT DRINK). It worked QUITE effectively actually because they remembered and we were able to help them come to church on Sunday!!! A LITERAL cats and grapes.

Friday we had interviews with President and it went really was weird to think that it was most likely my last interview with President Essig. He also changed our focus here in Santa Maria...and told me to get to work....which I LOVE to do!! I`m almost 120% positive that I`m staying here in Santa Maria with Hermana Nielson. Cats and grapes.

Saturday was a hard day to start with......and at one point I had to just sit down and confess some of my stress to Hermana Nielson...and while we were talking this little old man brought us four MONGO bags of grapes. I just giggled and said thanks. In the proccess of chowing down a couple, Iooked behind me and there were these two ADORABLE kittens...and they came up and started nudging me and one tried to bath my hand...or eat it not sure, but it just cheered me up. It was such a small thing...but I KNEW that God was taking care of me ...givning me blessings and telling me everything was well and that I was doing a good job...just to keep up the good work. What tender mercies ....cats and grapes baby. That day was great...we were able to relax and enjoy the work a ton and I felt a lot better about my assignment here in Santa Maria. 

On Sunday, like I mentioned beforehand S* and E* came to church and I TALKED TO MY BEAUTIFUL AND UNIQUE FAMILY. It was legit, and overall sunday was filled with cats and grapes....
And just this morning I read a perfect scripture...that has officially defined MY MISSION....its in 1 Corinthians 1, when Paul is called to be an apostle and goes on his mission....he says something truly impacting: For Christ send me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words, lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect 

Thats it. I get it. I love it...and I am so happy to PREACH THE GOSPEL TO ALL! 
Let us all take upon us Christ`s cross as we preach the gospel to everyone. ...and as we do it, we will see lots of cats and grapes in our lives! 

I also want to remind all, that if you want things to go well in life...READ THE SCRIPTURES. They are the iron rod. It says in Joshua 1:8 if we want things to go well for us....we read and meditate on the scriptures....we apply them to our life and we do according to ALL that is written therein...and doing so we will be prosperous in all things.

I love you all! 
Hurrah for Israel. 
Love, Hermana Alex Johnson

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