Tuesday, May 6, 2014 normal?

Okay. Weekly UPPPPDATE. ...I bet that everyone is probably bored of hearing basically the same thing every week, but let me just tell companion laughs at me because without fail, AT LEAST once I day, I say "today has been the craziest day of my mission/life!" ....EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And without fail, it makes my poor companion giggle every single time. But its the truth. I never seem to have a "normal" day in the mission! I admit that I thought beforehand that there would be a lot of repetition and what not in our days...but a very minor amount. Every day is the adventure of a lifetime here in the mission. 

So.... a ver....what were some of my fun adventures this week....ADVENTURE TIME!....not like the show cause I`m not a fan of that show by any means (and my adventures are always much more magical anyways)....

Adventure 1: Well. On tuesday we went to SANTIAGO for a conference, or a capacitation...that we usually have with just the zone leaders, but  because we had so many changes that President wanted to do it in person. And there we learned lots and lots about how to not just baptized...but how to help people STAY ACTIVE in the church...we talked about how the most important number is now the ASISTANCE. Love it. Also got to see all the people that were in my MTC district that came to chile here, and also Hermana Clark…and just lots of people. That was pretty fun. This same day we did intercambios ...but it was super crazy. They called us when we were already on the bus to go into Santiago and just TOLD us that we were gonna do it. ...of course I didnt have anything, Hermana Nielson wasnt prepared. Long story short…. So we ended up doing it, but the stl that was doing it just came here with both me and mi hijita....We couldnt use the bikes, so we had to change all our plans...AND I ended up sleeping on the floor. Let me just say that was a REAL camping experience...cold and hard haha. 

Adventure 2: I dont remember how much I told you guys about A*, but he was a progressing investigator...and then suddenly he kind of gave up. ...He had/has a lot of drug problems...and in the apartment in front of him is one of the many places where they sell the drugs. WELL he is in a psychiatric hospital, o sea, in Rehab. And we got permission to go visit him! He lives on the OTHER side of San Felipe...its a little more than an hour to get there. And it was such a wierd experience, but great to be honest. We got there and I couldnt believe the conditions...and they do nothing...It was a very COLD place, and I dont mean temperature wise. But as soon as we started to sing a hymn, it was an immediate feeling of the spirit...and so strong. And Allan was a totally different person, and I felt that. I felt that he REALLY wanted to change...and I felt grateful for the opportunity to teach him the gospel. We talked about the plan of salvation, and it was a very special experience. 

Adventure 3: Thursday we had plans to take the bus and go to another part of our sector, but I felt that we shouldnt. I dont know why, but we didnt go. Nothing bad happened, but we had to change ALL our plans.. wahoo! But we ended up breaking open walnuts as a service project for a while...but we taught while we did it, and that was beautiful. ...what wasnt beautiful were my hands after it all haha. 

Adventure 4: I dont remember. It was a crazy day all the same. I just know it. 

Adventure 5: We had a ward activity that was a great adventure. We had a suprisingly great turn out, and I am so greatful that it all worked out! 

Adventure 6: Great church service. I REALLY felt loved, and that was just a blessing from God. And we had a less active young man come out to work with us...and I learned so much from his courage and diligence! He was even willing to help in contacts. What a trooper!! Last night I had to call president about something…after talking to him, he mentioned a few things to me that I really needed to hear. He talked about my steadfastness...and how that will get me to the celestial kingdom, and it was just great to hear a powerful servant of the Lord thank me for my work and tell me that I can do it!!! 

Santa Maria is gorgeous but sometimes its really be completely honest. In the mission its considered a "doomed" sector. But I have never thought of it like that...its just another sector that needs WORK. Which is great cause thats why I`m here...and thats what I LOVE TO DO. But it IS true that its hard. And I love it. I didnt come on a mission to go on a vacation and just CHILL. I came here to WORK. And to WORK HARD. So its perfect!!

Well...thats my week. Some great experiences, and lots of love. 
Love you all!! 
Hurrah for Israel! 

Hermana Alex Johnson
At the Santiago Temple last week

Hermana Nielson

Hermana Johnson

                                       Alex really loves her trainee... she says she has a heart of Gold!
At the conference

Alex's mission"daughters"... she loves training!

Visiting A* at the hospital

lightening the mood

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