Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fling Your Stone

This week has been a great learning experience, like all weeks really. But the Lord is just soooo GOOD! 
Good thing we skyped last week cause we probably wouldn`t have been able to talk yesterday considering I have no VOICE. It`s a total joke haha!!! ...I`ve been sick, but I haven`t taken a rest day...don`t plan on it either. But its getting pretty bad...
Well..we are searching out tons of less actives...and for reals, it is harder to search and find less actives than find new investigators sometimes. Like no joke!!! who woulda thunk!?! It`s just that new investigators can be in any house, its like a spiritually guided guessing game..thats slightly planned. But to find less actives, its more of a detective search..its really different. Yet, so far so good. We are focusing on finding many less active men and part member families to be able to coordinate our efforts well, and help the branch GROW....Building up Zion baby.
District class was good this week. Other districts had some problems and President ended up hounding them out...I sure like being on Presidents good side! ...but we had to do a practice with another district and when we got into the room there were a bunch of balloons on the floor, and being the smartie I am I thought "KICK IT" so I did. ...slick floor, slick boots, and a balloon...didnt last long lets just say that. Fly. Plop. LAUGHTER. It was great. 
We officially do FHE`s as a branch every Friday, and this last one was super great. We are focusing all our efforts on the BOM and it is a very excellent plan. Hermana Nielson even interpreted danced (with her hands) and I rapped....all appropriately of course, but it was a blast and the members had SUCH a fun time!! 
S* and E* are progressing well...but we are looking for more investigators still, to help them progress. We are having to let some go...and its just a dying fire ....its just time to light back up. 
We`ve had to learn to fling our stones this week....its a long story but it was an analagy that I made for hermana Nielson, that helped her. ...I even made a poem out of it. ....kinda sucky cause it was REALLY hard to write a poem in english...I felt like a little kid all again haha. But it was all about having courage to stand, to trust in God to provide...and he did. He ALWAYS does. 
I`m staying in Santa Maria with Hermana Nielson!!!! 
Hermana Dodds is still in los andes, Hermana Clark is going with the leaders as number 3...IN LOS ANDES. Hermana Ceccon is MY LEADER (number 2) ...and it is officially the coolest zone in all of Chile. Like for reals. 
Who knows what will happen after these four weeks, or where I will be finishing my mission....but I have a LOT OF WORK TO DO!!!!! 
Hurrah for Israel! 
Love you all!
Hermana Alex Johnson

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