Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's getting Chilly in Chile!

Dearest family, if you choose to be included. 

You want the good news or the bad news? Undoubtably you will recieve both...because theres only one thing to say: TIME DOES NOT STOP. It doesnt even SLOW DOWN. It just goes, and goes...annnnddd goooeesss. And thats still a VERY difficult concept for me to grasp. Extremely. But its the truth. Like I said..its good news, and its bad really its just news. But it sure is fascinating. 

Thus, with this whole time warp thing that exsists, I feel that I wrote an update yesterday ..but alas, it was obviously more than just yesterday. Approximately five days to be exact...I think haha. 

Okay. But as for this was a little slow. We had to work with a lot of diligence, and there were many trials...but everything turned out great in the end! Like always:) So that was great. 

Its getting colder and colder, but there is still some beautiful sun...and not enough coldness to die ..yet. have informed me that you had to get those shots to go to Chile. And I would just like to remind you that I too had to get those shots in order to come to Chile. I understand the pain you felt...and you KNOW how much I hate shots. So yes. I do understand...and I will kiss it better. 

I cant believe you found a mouse in the house. ...haha that ryhmed. Our cats are awesome. Calling dibbs in on them the whole week back! 

Send Grandpa my love, hugs, and prayers.

Sister Nielson is such a powerful missionary like for reals. She`s 21 years old and she was at byu the whole time I was there studying to be a teacher for littler kids. She was born 2 days after TOTES CRAY no!?  

Like I said, it was a slow week, but with lots of miracles all the same. 
We did a contact and we always offer to help with service and everyone always says no...but we offered to help this one lady, and she said yes!! We helped her crack and take apart walnuts for a good hour...with like 6 other people...and we were able to teach a summary of the first lesson and it was so cool! They invited us to come back. I love service. 

We also have a baptism coming up...but J* didnt come to church yesterday, so we`re gonna have to go see whats up. He doesnt have a phone or I would call him haha. 

Yesterday we ate in the house and I made an awesome improv lunch...I do that a lot actually. I even improved arroz con leche. ...its a desert with rice, milk, cinnamon and sugar...and I decided to try it. Turned out to taste good! Pepper wasnt the only one to make a delicious concoction this week!

Hermana Nielson and I play the GOTCHA game...where almost every minute I scare the beans out of her and she jumps and we laugh....and then she tries to scare me but it almost never works. Its pretty fun. 

A bunch of little kids came to church yesterday....their parents are never home and half live in the street so we invited them. We have been trying to get to know their family`s lives half with her grandfather who is drunk practically every day, and half with her grandmother who is never home. She doesnt know her parents. Another one has a mom that sells drugs. ....and the other one is never in his house because his mom isnt either. ....its just really sad. But they love church...and its better that they`re in church than they`re in the street. 

I`m learning more and more each day the importance to teach with the spirit...I have so much more to learn ...and to be honest I`m starting to feel really ANXIOUS. And slightly I dont have enough time to do everything I need to do...and I dont like feeling like that. But thats okay. even though its a short amount of time...its also a LOT of time. ...seriously. Here comes the whole time spiel haunts me! 

But everythings great on this side of the guys are in spring headed towards a beautiful summer...and I`m starting a very cold winter....without heating....again. And ...I couldnt be happier! 

Love you all!!!
Hurrah for Israel! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

No photos... she keeps forgetting her cord to transfer photos at the cyber cafe. :(

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