Monday, September 30, 2013

Happer Camper...Just a Harder Trail

To start off, still no package. Sorry. 
Secondly, let´s just get to it. I´m still in Quilicura, but we had random transfers and Hermana Ceccon went off the the sector next to mine...Lo Zonartu. (She thinks that this happened later than typical tranfers because they both had chicken pox at transfer time and that her Pres. had intended changing them then) My new companion is Hermana Diaz from Honduras. I´m Senior companion. We had intercambios this last week with our sister leader and her newbie......which was more than just a little bit of an interesting experience. The day before we had surprise transfers we literally had the best day EVER. We started using bicycles too......
But it kind of all went out the window. My companion doesn´t use bikes. I´m trying to get used to a different companion, and she´s really is great....but it´s NOT the same. And I dont like being senior companion..... before there really wasn´t a difference we just worked together. I didn´t know what to do, and she had an idea. She didn´t know what to do, I had an idea, and when we both didn´t know what to do we it´s just me. me and the guidance of the spirit and it´s super hard. She doesn´t know the sector, we teach differently, she´s used to doing things differently!!! It´s a really hard trial that he´s given me. . I´m having a pretty hard week, ....and what not but I´m doing ALL that I can to have a good attitude and be happy always. I know that I can´t do it. I literally know that I do NOT have the ability to do my mission...and the things that are required of me right now. I literally know that I CAN¨T do it...but I know that HE can. And I also know that I´m relying on Him to do it and he´s picking up my slack....the MANY things that I´m not able to do. 
Thanks for your prayers, and remember that you´re in mine. 
This week we had to let go almost all of our investigators. We completed with the mission BUSCAD goal ....we actually almost doubled the mission goal, which was a great blessing. I´m hoping to be able to continue completing with these mission goals. We found an investigator of GOLD.....and I can´t stop thinking about him. I always love EVERYONE here in Chile, and think about them and about how I can help them. but E*.....our new investigator, He is amazing....but it´s a big trial to work with him because he doesn´t believe in the power of men (I'm thinking she means God), he works a lot in his brain too....he started reading the book of Mormon though and I know that if we teach with the spirit he will be able to feel it. 
also there was a spider the size of a 50 cent piece that I found on my BED....and it was the poisonous kind. Great right!? 
Sending my love from Chile....I know that I´m in HIS will and HIS work and for that I´m happy. I´m a happy camper....I´m just on a trail with a bit more terrain and switchbacks. I love you all!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

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