Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The "UP´s" of Life

Ït´s so very true that the mission is ALL about the ups and downs, but it´s also about how you take it. I remember riding rollarcoasters and just bawling my eyes out.....I took it bad. But I think I get it better to take the bumpy rides. How to give thanks for the ups AND the downs, and learn from both. This week was yet another week of ups and down´s, but that´s okay. Because I know it´s going to be that way all of my life! ...but at the same time, if I´m grateful for everything, than I think EVERYTHING should be an up, even when if it´s a down. ....if that makes ANY makes sense to me at least haha.
Well, as I told mom just a second ago, I was very lucky to catch chicken pox this week! Hermana Ceccon as well! One of the girls in our district class caught it...she´s from Utah and had the vaccinations too. I´m pretty sure chicken pox here must be different. Because I KNOW I got that vacination like 20 million times with all the shots mom made me get haha. But we´re pretty lucky all the same. We both had the shots so we have a very soft case (UP). Less than 50 spots, and not many days with a fever. And I we got lucky cause I have LOTS of spots on my back and upper legs, but not too many on my arms or neck or FACE! Sweet right? The health is´s the not being able to leave the house. We didn´t even go to church yesterday....we barely got permission to go to our own baptism, and to write you guys!!! .....and as a missionary, it´s not like I can use the computer or watch movies all´s read. play uno. listen to haha. That´s what we did. ...and we´ve already watched the approved videos in our mission like 10 times each haha. We played all the games we could think of with pen and paper....but playing those games and uno gets pretty boring 4 hours every day haha. But hey! The good news is...
HERMANA CECCON AND I ARE STILL COMPANIONS FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER HERE IN QUILICURA!!! (UP) And it´s a hard thing to come by in this mission, although the chicken pox is really lame, we have it for a reason. Maybe it was the only thing that was gonna help us stay together! Well, it worked! we will have 6 months total by the end of this transfer....a quarter of the mission. I´m a happy camper. That´s for sure haha!
About the package, I haven´t gotten anything. But neither has anyone else. NOBODY is getting I really don´t think it´s lost, it´s just stopped. To be honest. It´s just frustrating ...cause birthday´s and Christmas are coming up and I already had another package I was gonna send and I´m not able to! Dad´s package is allll ready but I checked last week, and I´m still not able to send anything. Oh well! The good news is you´ll all get stuff colectively haha! (UP)
But I think one of the biggest "Up´s" for me was yesterday.
F* GOT BAPTIZED! FINNNAAALLLLYYYYY! It was absolutely beautiful how everything worked out! We were in the house all week, so Hermana Dodds and Hermana Silva went and taught him the day before he had his interveiew, and we prepared everything we could in the house. BUT I was NOT gonna miss the baptism if the world ended. Not in a MILLION years haha. Felipe felt great, P* was happy! The whole FAMILY was happy! I don´t think I´ve ever had so much joy!....the mission is the GREATEST! (UUUUUUUUUUPPPP)
I need glasses.

Well, life is full of "UP´s" And I love them all. I love them ALL. Miss you all and love you to death!!! Hugs and kisses!

Hermana Alex Johnson

 We found out that we were going to have another transfer together and went a little crazy....!

F's Baptism!!!

What happens when Chicken Pox hits!

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