Thursday, September 19, 2013

On the Road Again...Well, in the Street is More Like it!

First off! Sorry that I didn´t write y´all yesterday. I didn´t know we were going to have a zone capacitation tillSunday night cause we have slug bug leaders or something haha. But...for the record, it was a great meeting. And I didn´t die, which is what mom was apparently worried about haha. You guys never have to stress about that one. I know I´m not going anywhere. 

Well we started out the week still stuck in the house, but it went fast all the same. When we finally left we still had some after effects of the chicken pox, and really sore bodies, but at least President Essig and Sister Essig know why we didn´t "bring in the bacon" this week. That´s okay, we´ll just have to kick butt THIS week......even though it´s gonna be a tough one. This week is the week of 18 de Septiembre....their independence day. And they celebrate BIG time. It´s their biggest holiday here, and EVERYONE doesn´t have to work for the whole WEEK almost. It´s all drinking, parties, BBQ, ....and vacations. So it´s hard to even get the members to open their doors, let alone investigators, ....and LESS for door contacts. But we´re gonna set this place on fire! We´re rolling out the red carpet! We´re bringing out some combos! We´re....we´re working hard. HA.

We are eating lunch with a different member now and the family is really great! They´re very REAL and always happy. They´re all members, besides the dad,...but the mother is the only one active in the church. All the same, the family is very supportive and super amiable. The father works more in one week than I thought possible....12 hours in the day 12 hours in the night....oh yea....that´s all day!!! He works A LOT. But with this week he was able to have a little bit of freedom, so that was good. We were able to have lunch with him and it was great to be able to talk with all the family....even some of the cousins! He even sang for us! 2 songs haha.....of course with the condition that I sang as well, but hey. I sucked it up and it went well! 

I finally sent dad´s bday present. Just so you know....before I forgot...

And F* was confirmed on Sunday. It was amazing to see everything come through to the finish line. he just has to keep up the good work ...forever!

Well!! I´m loving the mission, as always and wishing you a happy and FUN filled week! CHILE! 
Hermana Alex Johnson
Ps! Chia? You can eat it! I eat it with yogurt or juice every morning! 

Chilean BBQ.....DELISH.

HEART ATTACKS. ...Attack number!

Attack number, the car! Not so crazy haha

R* danced well that the little girl wanted to take pictures and dance too haha!

Again? These missionaries really ARE crazy!

Mi gemela de Argentina.

The two girls in the middle are wearing typical dresses de "guasa". like what´s up...but not haha. 

NDH with C* and the family

OH the weather outside is frightful (cause it was hot) but the ....nope it´s just hot. 

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