Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Angels and Children

To start off, I´ve never had a worse week regarding my numbers. We completed with our buscad, but barely. And as for lessons? ZERO with members. Zip. Nada. ...the last week we had a number in the CLOUDS....but I guess that´s just how the mission goes. It really is a roller coaster.

One of our only investigators, T* (the cute little grandma who´s 77 years old) is doing great!....with her health. So she´s going off to the southern part of Chile, where she has family too. I´m happy for her...but it´s SUUUUPPPER frustrating. This week, as well as everything else, everyone who had a baptismal date.....lost it. Chao. JOY.

For pday we wanted to go to the zoo. But the zoo is closed mondays we were like HEY! How lucky, we have pday tuesday this week! .....when we got there it was closed for maintenance. Haha....yep. So we visited the tourist trap, but must see, cerro san cristobal. It was super pretty and great fun!....but the hike was a KILLER. 

Hermana Ceccon accidently deleted ALL of my photos....lucky for me Patricia put them all on her computer to do something with all the photos that we have together. So I´ll get SOME of them back at least. 

For Chile´s independence day this week, basically busted us. There was almost NO ONE in the street 18, and 19 LESS because everyone drank it up and then they all crashed....there was almost no one in the houses either. All the members left for vacations! We were lucky to have a few loving members invite us for lunch...lots of missionaries didn´t even have that. And I was able to learn how to make empenadas and enjoy some chilean celebrations all the same. 

But hey, I´m still a happy camper over here! Although our numbers were sucky, we have some great upcoming lessons this week, and we received lots of references to contact! and that´s our mission focus right now! 

Hermana Ceccon and I are even better friends!!!

And last, but DEFINITELY not least, the Lord blessed us with a great Stake Conference. President Essig, and Sister Essig spoke as well. Sister Essig spoke in great spanish, about her grandson....who decided to read the Book of Mormon before he was baptized.....and when he read it he knew it was true. That story sounds pretty familiar doesn´t it!? haha. Elder Juan Carlos Barros of the seventy came and talked to us. He´s in charge of our area and I very much enjoyed his talk. At one point he invited the children to go up to the stand. All of their parents stood where they were....and they had them sing "Teach Me to Walk in the Light".....just how we always sing it together. I literally bawled it was so beautiful. I felt like I was flying on CLOUDS.....then I looked up and I literally saw angels above. I literally saw them watching as they sang....touched by how innocent they kids were....they were with our father in heaven, not too long ago.......let´s just say it was an UNFORGETTABLE experience. I received answers to many questions, and I felt very blessed. 

So that was this week. Praying for you guys always. I love you all to death:) And thanks for the advice mom....SMILE.

Love, Hermmana Alex Johnson

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