Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today´s Another Day

To start off, I´m FINE. I´m seriously doing great. Weeks just happen in the mission, and everyone has to face some trials is all. 

I have little time and lots of things to write, so I´m gonna give you the summaries!! 

A Jehovah's Witness knocked on our door while we were studying. You should have seen her eyes when she saw my nametag...but there wasn´t any contention. I just made sure to agree to what she said that was right and be quiet to what wasn´t....and then I testified at the end. Cool right?

E*, our investigator of gold, but of a different TYPE of gold, is doing great. He´s reading all of the book of it´s entirety. But at this point he´s thinking that someone took the information from the bible and blah blah blah....I´m having to keep control of my companion in lessons a little bit cause she gets super frustrated with him that he doesn´t GET it. He doesn´t believe in men....or that there is someone that can talk/see God....but I feel so much love for him. Of all people that we´re teaching, he deserves this. He deserves to know this gospel and have his salvation.

I drank a mountain dew this week that A* and R* bought for me...the same people that bought me Dr. Pepper....they´re great. Just trying to help them get ACTIVE in the CHUUURRCH. 

We´re helping a less active family, R* and J* L*** (J* her son who´s 28 years old) well. We visited their house right before the priesthood session of conference and I could tell something was up with J*, using the spirit of course, we told him he needed to go to the priesthood session.....we talked him into it and he went. He called me afterwards and thanked me so profoundly....he went to all the other sessions on Sunday. He told me that he made lots of life decisions and I was so happy to see the change of LIGHT he had. He didn´t serve a mission...and regrets it. And now it´s too late...but he´s doing everything he can to move on and be better. And it´s great to see those changes. 

M*, one of our investigators came to the conference. She´s progressing little by little but it was a BIG step for her to go to conference. I was soooo happy! 

And speaking of conference, I loved it. Took lots of notes....AND I UNDERSTOOOOOOD THINGS this time haha!!! ...But it´s really not the same in English. I UNDERSTAND it...but it doesn´t hit me the same.,...don´t know why. Oh well. I´m gonna read it in English soon! 

I´m doing better and my companion and I are working great together. We´re happy campers.....cause we choose to be haha. It´s weird being senior companion, but she tells me that she´s happy and that she´s really learning lots and that I´m a great mom...even though I´m technically not her trainer (her mom) but hey! whatever works!!! 

Love you all to death and...oh and glad dad got the package. Pretty sure that really was all so don´t stress.

Hermanana Alex Johnson

M* and E*....and a school bus haha

when Hermana Ceccon had to say goodbye

I´m gonna have to protect myself from the sun(not) marry poppins umbrella!! 

My new companion!!! Hermana Diaz from Honduras! 

J*! One of the greatest guys I´ll ever know:)

saying goodbye to Hermana Ceccon.... MWAH!

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