Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Epitome of Family

First things first: I'm sorry I haven't posted in basically forever. Life caught up with me for a bit. But no worries. I have not forgotten.

Now that I have gotten my apology out of the way, it's time I tell you a little more about me....actually about my family...but basically me. ANYWAYS I am the oldest of four girls. No boys. Girls. Some might think, "oh how charming! No rough play! Always clean rooms! No fighting! Clothe sharing!" WRONG. OOOOHHH so very wrong. It's like having a bunch of boys but not. With all girls their is no favoritism based upon the premise of gender. Good? NO. Don't get me wrong...I really hate playing basketball when they change the rule so that if a girl makes the shot it's worth two points instead of one. Or when they give the girls a head start...I don't know. I really think that if a girl is gonna tough it out then they should tough it all out. I understand that it's an equalizer, but why?? I'm a girl. I'm different. And I'm totally okay with that. But occasionally it sure would have been nice to be at home and not have to mow the lawn, use the shop vac to do random stuff, organize the garage, manage the sprinklers...because Dad was like...."nah, you're a girl" or "I'll just have your brother do it." Maybe I'm just being a bit of a complainer, but I always wished for a little bit of that.

Besides being a girl of many girls, I'm the oldest. And we all know about the oldest. The oldest gets the most responsibilities. The more difficult jobs. They're expected to do more and maintain an exemplary example for their smaller siblings. They are generally hardworking and ambitious, but also enjoy having power. It's their responsibility to care for their younger siblings in a lot of different ways, but it's also their responsibility to embarrass them and harass them when necessary. Parent's give the child attention, but tend not to spoil them. (that privilege goes to the youngest, although they would never admit it.) When punishment is needed punishment is seriously considered and strictly enforced. Yep. This seriously defines me. Don't get me wrong. I love my siblings and my parents so much. Like. I would do ANYTHING for them. But, as we all know, they CAN get on our nerves.

So my  family. To begin, my parents.

Well I'm having a hard time figuring out how to lay these pictures out but that's them. Mom and Dad. My loving parents (and yes...she is my mother NOT my sister) Oh! But would you like to know their names? Or shall we just refer to them as "the parents?" Okay. My moms name is Lisa and my dads name is Chris. They were married at 23 and have been married for almost 20 years now. They're such an inspiration to's intimidating to think about the bar they've set. It's a high standard to live up to and I haven't really lived up to it yet, but I'm trying. 

A fill in on their lives: 
My mother joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints at the age of 18. She had a difficult early life and hard family situations (but this is not my story to tell) and made this life changing decision on her own. My mother won Miss Denali, but dropped out of the Miss America competition to go on a mission for our church to New York. She met my dad a while after she returned and was engaged shortly after. (their story is a miraculous one, but not one to be told today). I love hearing about my mothers life when she was in high school and college. She has so many amazing stories and experiences.One thing I've noticed most is that my mother strives to help me achieve excellence, and is extremely supportive of me. Not only that, but never does she waver from her morals or ethics. My mother is creative and works at home as a mother and a designer and concept artist. She's an amazing woman that I really love and respect. 
My father grew up a member of the LDS church. He was the oldest of seven when he went on his mission to Germany. My dad was in Germany when the wall came down (in fact we have pieces of the wall throughout my house) and he has taught me to love the European (especially German) culture and language. While on his mission my grandmother had another son who has down-syndrome and autism. His mother died of lung cancer, but originated as skin cancer, which runs in my family. My grandpa remarried a wonderful woman and now my dad is living the epitome of yours, mine, and ours. He is the oldest of 18 kids marriage, but still. My dad loves the outdoors (so does my mom), is extremely organized, and is dedicated to any task he decides to take on. Something I really love about my dad is his ambition and hard work ethic. He's not easily discouraged and continues at a task until it's accomplished correctly. 
That's the BRIEF report on my parents, but there you have it. 

NOW....dum Dun DUM! My sisters!!! 
From left to right: Pepper, Ella, and Hannah. They are freaking adorable...I know. But....this picture doesn't do any of them justice. (ALSO...I basically just picked this picture cause Pepper is smiling. She is actually smiling. She never smiles, if you didn't catch that.) It's also hilarious that we all look so different, but if you look at our parents, we look like them! But he're the three of them. Now I'll fill you in a bit.

This is Hannah. 
She is now 17 years old...and it's REALLY weird to say that. Just so you know. She's a very down to earth person. Hannah really loves to read....I guess we all do. She is extremely intelligent, and it comes so easy to her. That was always something I was jealous of, not gonna lie. Hannah could always do well in school without having to put too much effort into it. She's pretty 3 feet. Okay not REALLY but she's barely at 5 feet I'm pretty sure (you know I love you Hannah!) She's pretty artistic, and especially good with fluidity of motion. We don't get along all the time, but when we do there is nothing that can separate us. Hannah loves to have fun and loves to shop..with me. Of COURSE. Now for the next little sister..

This is Pepper.
Okay...It really is Pepper. Her real name is Sydney Elizabeth Johnson, but ever since day one she's been Pepper. We're actually trying to change her name so she'll have two middle names, and one will be Peppe!!! ANYWAYS, Pepper is now 13 years old and also naturally intelligent, but not as hardworking. Like me and my dad, she's extremely stubborn when she wants to be. Pepper is pretty clever too. She loves the water, and is a pretty good swimmer. She's probably the best reader in the family which is definitely saying something. She loves to draw and create something new from the old. She's really such a fun girl. I always loved playing games with her cause she has such a unique sense of humor. Now for the last, but not least...

This is Ella. 
Yep. My 10 year old little sister. Ella has been doing ballet for several years now, and is so naturally gifted it's shocking. She's already in an higher level class then where she should be, based on her age, but she moves so well. She's a lot like my mom in that way. My mom was a dancer, but because of a neck injury she can't do much in that way anymore. Ella has a hard time with reading and school. In that way she is completely opposite. She is pretty athletic, when she wants to be, but probably one of the most energetic little girls I've met. She loves having fun and being social. That's probably the epitome of Ella. She's pretty funny...but don't tell her I said that cause she'll just get a bigger head. When my mom was pregnant with her, I hoped and prayed it was a boy because I needed a brother. I just needed one. When I found out my mom was having a girl, I was pretty upset, not gonna lie. But I'm so very grateful we have Ella in the family. 

I'm so very grateful for ALL my sisters. I honestly don't know what I'd do without them. They are all so different and unique. They all are fun and loving, but in their own way. They're my sisters...and although we argue...all. the. time....I wouldn't give them up for anything in the world. 

Now...the last members of my family. Oh? You thought I was done?? BLAM! Nope! Meet Mozart and Hayden. 
Seriously. This is from a while back, but how adorable right?? 
One more just for good measure: 
AHHHHH they're so adorable! QUICK fill-in: We got Mozart while we still had Rufus. We got Mozart at a shelter. We originally were wanting to adopt this orange kitty, like Rufus, but something about Mozart just shone. He was fun but gentle. Serene, yet energetic. He was perfect.Mozart and Rufus grew to be the best of friends, and it was really hard on Mozart when Rufus passed away. Later I promise to talk about Rufus and show you how adorable and fat he was! But a while later, we actually adopted a cat named Brahm. Unfortunately, we discovered that the entire litter had a disease and was put down before Brahm could even be brought home. Lucky for us, a little cat originally named Tucker was up for adoption. He was being fostered and we are so lucky to have him now. We renamed him Hayden and it's been so great to have him. He's petite but fat: a hilarious combination. It took a while, but Mozart warmed up to Hayden and his intriguing personality of confusing proportions. These two little dears are definitely considered family to me. Sometimes they know I'm upset when no one else does. Sometimes they snuggle me when I feel alone...they're amazing and although I miss Rufus still, I'm so blessed to have Mozart and Hayden!

And lastly, a new addition to my college life. Meet Zuko: 
He's a cute little fishy! I've never had a fish so I'm pretty excited. For FHE yesterday we went to buy 40 goldfish to race. While we were there I bought this adorable little man. His name was originally going to be Shark Bait, but he's a little to feisty for that. He's a beautiful red with touches of blue. He has a little bit of damage on one of his fins. If any of you have seen Avatar, you know where Zuko comes from. In Avatar, Zuko is a firebender with a scar. He has a feisty personality...and a personality that matches that of Zuko my fish to the dot. See how this fish came to be named Zuko?? Basically, he's adorable. A bunch of boys tried to put the little fish we raced in the bowl....but I'm pretty sure Zuko tried to eat them so I took them out. The fish I raced, Mouse, was released into the wild. Sad....but I'm pretty sure they're all going to die anyways. 

ON A HAPPY NOTE...I've just introduced you to my family. My family. Oh how I love and miss them dearly. So! Here we are: 
and yes....I'm pretty sure that this is the best one of us all together.....oh glory. It's so hard to get us all to be normal. 

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