Monday, June 4, 2012

Appreciating Beauty

Earth is such a beautiful place. Like HOLY FREAKING CRAP. here's the story. Yesterday I watched the movie Earth. Not planet Earth, which is brilliantly stunning your eyes might fall out, but Earth. What an amazing experience. Yea,'s just a movie I know. But for someone that takes adventures and travels throughout the world only through books, it was amazing to see the world for what it was. It's raw beauty. Untouched by metal machines and incompetent industries. After watching this video last night, I couldn't get images of small ducklings bravely leaping from the tallest branch of a tree, or sharks mercilessly engulfing the body of a seal, out of my mind. This world, this wonderful world called earth, is truly as such: wonderful. It's a brilliant and undeniably an amazing place to be! As I pondered the beauty of the earth, I began to recollect the many times I neglected what it is and how truly blessed I am.  

Fact: I'm from Anacortes, Washington...which is an island. Let me show you: 

 and this one:

The bike rides through Washington Park...

or the Tullip Festival in Mt. Vernon..

Look at the beauty that resides on just one, seriously small, island. It amazes me.

Fact 2: Although I am from Anacortes, right now I live in Provo Utah.
I love Anacortes and the beauty that it brings into the world. Yet, I've come to love and accept the beauty of Utah. It's so very different from the lush green brush and the fluid beauty of the ocean, but I love it nonetheless. I'll show you where I live now I guess:

Such beauty. For me, Utah's beauty was really hard to accept at first. I was so used to an island of greens and water that when I came to Utah it was very hard for me to accept extreme weather, both hot and cold, and the rocks of dry dust and dirt. Yet, when I lived on Anacortes, all I ever wanted to do was leave. I told myself that there was nothing to see and do. Now I miss it dearly. The seemingly flawless place of Anacortes is constantly on my mind, calling me I swear. I miss it's beauty and regret the time I lived there and neglected everything I have. As soon as I realized this, I took another look at the beauty that is Utah. The tips of the snowy mountains against the solid blue sky of clear summer day, or the jagged edges of the red rocks surrounding my home...The beauty is stunning. And after neglecting to understand just how beautiful Anacortes was when I lived there, I refuse to neglect the beauty of Provo.

I encourage whomever takes the time to read my thoughts, to take time and appreciate where you live and how beautiful it is. It may not be an island, or a city in the middle of mountains, but every place has it's own beauty and that is what is so great about Earth.

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