Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Blessings

Alex’s Grandpa (my Dad) was in a pretty severe motorcycle accident about 10 days ago. He was hit by a car while riding. She refers to that later in the letter home. He has undergone 5 surgeries and has a very long recovery ahead of him.

Okay. First off...sorry that my letters have been shorter this last little bit...I know, I`m a horrible daughter, sister, friend, all that jazz....but I`m TIRED. And I keep forgetting to write down important points before hand and so I`m trying to remember on the spot...and that just ISNT working out for me hahaha. 

Shout out to my wonderful Easter Bunny!!! ...I got an AWESOME package ...that will last me till the end of my mission undoubtedly!

We went to the Temple today and it was absolutely beautiful. I realized I will never have to live without the temple for such a long amount of time...I whole year!! But I will never go that long again without the Temple. It was hard and I realized how much I really LOVE the Temple. Mom. Hope you`re excited to go to the temple here....and that you`re putting that in the plans. I saw Bishop Budini from Quilicura there today, since he works were they sell the garments and stuff. And he told me that Tania got baptized!!! I couldn`t even believe it. We are also visiting her. I am so happy for her!!! 

Training sometimes consists of meetings ...yea. But not like being a training leader. Which is great...cause I`m more of the "in-field" type of worker haha. 
Sister Nielson, my absolutely AMAZING companion is just fantastic. She’s really shy....but we seem to get a long really great. She really helps me be a fantastic missionary. I love her to death. 

I was really glad to hear that Grandpa is doing better. I had been praying for him lots. Sending love, hugs, and even more prayers to Tony and his family, Shannon, and Gramps. 

As for our investigators....the majority of them are on date...but the missions here are sooooo different. Its actually fairly easy to get someone on date the first lesson. Its actually asked of us...but helping them keep committed...thats the hard part. I dont know how to explain it but the culture is just different here. But its fairly hard to EVER help them progress well, if we dont invite them to make important promises with God in their first visit. I dont like "numbers" so I`m not gonna say how many we have that are on date, but I will say that its more than double for the mission average. Contacts are way above average as well. We are working hard and seeing fruits of that same work. 

J* will for sure be getting baptized the fourth of May. He has some minor disabilities...and I`ve never taught someone with disabilities the GOSPEL ...but he understands enough. ...enough that its important that he is baptized. His brother O* has a baptismal date for the fourth, but we will have to change it because he also has some minor abilities ...and smokes. And because of these abilities its hard for him to stop smoking. But we are doing everything possible to help them!!! 

This week I tried to think of ways to help Hermana Nielson not stress too much about teaching. She is such a doll. Its hard for her to teach and do contacts...but thats why she`s the most courageous person I know...because its hard for her and she does it anyways. But this week we were learning the plan of salvation. ...and we taught it to many of our investigators by ACTING it out. It was the coolest thing...and it was so much easier to understand! So fun. 

We found a TON of new investigators and it made me so happy...and not only that but many, almost all accepted baptismal dates. What a great blessing. 

Well. Easter really was great. I feel like I owe soooo much to Him. I loved reading Lucas (Luke) 24. ...the road to Emmaus. It really made me reflect on the atonement, forgiveness, the power of Christ in our lives...and so many things. I really loved feeling like His disciple. What a very special day it was. 
Remember Him. Love Him....that IS His greatest commandment after all. 

I`m happy. And I love you all! 
Hurrah for Israel!

Siempre con amor, 

Hermana Alex Johnson

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