Sunday, April 6, 2014

Miracles granted

We had zone conference this week and it was great. I seriously needed it. I cant believe how this change has FLOWN by. Everythings good!! Im learning lots, but there is a definite need for a change. 

In conference we talked about repentance. I loved made me think a LOT. And I feel great about the work we are doing here in Santa Maria. 

We found a TON of great investigators this week. Several families too...and it made me feel really happy. 

My birthday was great. It really was. I cant think of a better way to have spent my 21st birthday than serving the Lord...and learning things that will not only help me for a short amount of time, but for my whole LIFE. I love this work....A LOT. I want to be with it for time and all eternity...alas, I cant marry it...but it will NEVER stop being a part of my life. I`m excited to keep working and finish strong. Its all about enduring to the END. With DETERMINATION. 

I was very blessed yesterday. We have been struggling to have investigators in church, and yesterday we had two of our investigators with baptismal dates come. We left to pick J* up in the morning...and he was almost at the church cause he`d left already and was on his way. We got there...and the number of people that assisted yesterday....well it was lower than it should have been. But SUDDENLY A*, the guy we`ve been working a lot with came in the door! Then suddenly...a less active woman came in! Then suddenly a random investigator popped in too....THEN another teenage girl who turned out to be less was like POP POP BAM!!! I couldnt even believe it. I strongly believe, and attribte it to the fact that we are working hard...but that I am repenting. And changing. To be completely honest. 

We had a family home evening yesterday with a great family, some recent converts, and A*. It went always. I love FHE`s here!! they are the greatest! 

Ready for more. 

Love always, 
Hermana Alex Johnson
ps. Hurrah for Israel! 

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