Sunday, April 20, 2014

A New Missionary!

I´m not sure about the mtc here. In provo we received filtered bottles...but here I dont think they get them. 

Excited to get my package this week!!! WAHOO! 

Okay. So this week has a been STINKING CRAZY. 

Tuesday I went to Santiago to get my new companion...HERMANA NIELSON! She is an absolute doll! I seriously couldn`t have asked for a better companion. We had to go to santiago twice this week....and we lots about 3 and a half days of our week...and YET ...we worked soooo hard. And took out the dirt. We say many miracles as well. 

Yesterday we saw amazing miracles. J* AND O* both came to church. And they are doing well as they prepare for their baptisms! We lost several people with baptismal dates this week...and yet we kept working our best, and with diligence, talking with EVERYONE, and we were very blessed. Yesterday we found lots more one day...and all accepted baptismal dates. ...not just that they are EXCITED to read, and pray, and prepare for baptism. What a blessing...and I also noted that all the investigators that have baptism dates are MEN. Which is what the branch needs. Sacerdocio and diezmo. How God works in just WONDERFUL ways. 

Thats really all. Not much since we were out of our sector for half the week...but we are really working well together. And there are four of us (that work HARD) here in Santa Maria now so it will be PERFECT. We are gonna be able to help the branch a TON. 

The investigators that we were able to teach yesterday are amazing. Finding J*, S*, and E* was a miracle. Our first night together, I contacted S* in the street. He`d shared with missionaries beforehand...and somehow, I dont KNOW how, I extended a baptismal date...but right there in the street. Just contacting him. And he accepted. Bad news is I contacted him while he was buying drugs. (since I know all the hot spots around here...they are really obvious...and its nice to have the power to discern) Well anyways I had written the address down wrong to visit him later that week, and I didnt know what to do. I prayed to be able to find it if it was REALLY God`s will that we helped him and his family be baptized...and without knowing ANYTHING about that sector, the spirit guided me to go EXACTLY where I needed to go. Every street...I even had the NUMBER written down. ..and yet I found the house. I dont know how...but we continued on the bikes and suddenly I said..."this is it". His brother answered (e* ...also with a date) and bam. Miracles ...and blessings from the Lord. 

Thanks for all your prayers....please pray for my Grandpa! 

The Lord is on our side...this is HIS work. I dont have a single doubt in all my mind, heart, or should. LOVE YOU ALL!

Hermana Alex Johnson

Hermana Johnson and Hermana Neilson with Pres. and Sis. Essig.

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