Monday, September 22, 2014

Glitter Monster. ..creature?

The door opened and I turned my head looking out, only to freeze in mid movement and the sight before me. A GLITTER MONSTER. Unfortunately, this is no exaggeration. Imagine a man being tarred and glittered. Or rolled in glue and then thrown into a glitter filled pool. One of those things happened because there is no way anything less is even an option....unless some old unicorn was just having a bad day, or maybe digestive problems who knows. That might start explaining things. Probably not. We're talking MAJOR glitter here people.
The creature looked something like this, but more "human" like. (I'm not putting man like because the dude was covered in glitter. You loose 'man' rights for that one, at least on a temporary basis)

It was almost as if a very twisted dream had come true and I was stuck right in the middle of it. My mouth was about two inches away from touching the ground. Some sort of animal could have crawled up and just lived there. Obviously I'm glad they didn't, but it was sure a possibility. It was like this. ...but more dramatic. If that's even possible. I was so confused.

Granted, I am the oldest of four girls and that means that yes, there is lots of glitter in my house. But I've never been calked in it, baked in it, or anything of the sort really.

The funny thing was, the only explanation I got was, "I'm doing an art project." 
Again, I'm left un-impressed and still confused. 
I'm minoring in art. Art project is sculpting, painting, photography ect. Considerably though, almost anything can be classified as art. But one thing I know for sure: that much glitter isn't art. In fact you might be bordering on some sort of off hand crack addiction. Careful. 

Soaking in the reaction of it all, and finally having closed my mouth, I started to gather my composure. .. until some of it landed on me.
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Did that really just happen!? 
As my dad always says, "you mess with the bull, you get the horns." I'm clearly not a bull and obviously don't have horns, but I was debating whether this glitter creature should be given a piece of my mind or if I was just going to let it go. 
Yes. I just did that.
"Glitter never bothered me anyway!" 
I let it go. I calmed down and smiled and we finished the conversation, and I went on my way. 

"What an oddity!" I thought to myself, with a large grin. The glitter monster, although frighting was a needed pick-me-up. I guess some days you just need to GLITTER UP and enjoy life. Often times a pick-me-up doesn't involve glitter, but who's to judge? 
Moral of the story:
Within reason. Please people.

NOTE: Even being a 'girl', I'd prefer to be covered in paint, mud, grease, or water any day. That over glitter? Absolutely yes.

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