Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Here come cambios....

(About the Christmas package I sent her) The cds are great. helps with the christmas cheer!!! Ive gobbled lots of treats up already haha...and the glasses...are on my face. I LOVE the elf! for reals...I have her in my bag and I bring her around....the kids love her, so she`s doin her job:) I´m starting to get anxious about that package with a bunch of wrapped presents...but I´m going to resist opening it all the same. 
THANK YOU LOADS. you could read in this week`s title, here comes cambios....transfers is what them gringos call um haha. I feel like I`m gonna stay here for another transfer, I guess we`ll see what happens, but I feel pretty confident that we`re gonna stay together.  

Hermana Latorre is doin great. I don`t think she`s EVER gonna go to her real mission at this rate, but hey!! I`m fine with that since I love her lots! 

We went to the dooocccters this week...they don`t know what I have exactly, but I`ve got SOMETHING. Like always. Its on my outside left leg.....invisible pain!!! It could be a hamstring problem...but he pegged it, for the time being, as tendonitis. FUN FUN FUN! He`s dopped us on meds and told us to take it slow...but we were still of fire this week, inspite of all of that. Hermana Latorre also has problems in her knees, more assuredly tendonitis, but shes a hard worker. 

This week we were blessed by the Lord for our diligence, in spite the fact that we were just a little sick...or are....idk haha. We had to let G* go for a little bit. ...he needs to make some decisions. The A* family is progressing greatly. J* went to a baptism with us and P* and J* have a baptismal date. They are so receptive and great. 

We were also able to teach S*, the woman who called out to us in the street. We taught her the plan of Salvation and it really hit home for her. She`s had a lot of struggles in her life...with four kids, and her husband left her for another family....but she is ABSOLUTELY ready for baptism. She was prepared, and I know that the Lord needed to send prepared servants to his prepared daughter. We did what we needed to do, and that we were prepared for her and THAT is why God sent HER to US. Those are the miracles that we can expect as we follow the spirit, and walk by faith...humbly in His will and not ours. 

This week we were blessed by the Lord for our diligence, in spite the fact that we were just a little sick...or are still sick, but I know that the more we sacrifice, the more blessings we receive. And he blessed us with that. He made our burdens light!

I know how powerful faith can be, and the blessings we receive as we exercise it. I can see how the ward and sector are growing and I know we are doing our part because every night I can report to the Lord and tell him so...and THAT is the test of all tests. 


Send me more letters.
I love you!!!!!
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! lots on thanksgiving like this little guy! THANKSGIVING feast....and double portions since Hannah and I aren`t there!!!! HEHE!
Hermana Alex Johnson
PS. Send me pics of everything and .....I don`t remember what else haha...TURKEY!!!

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