Wednesday, November 13, 2013

9 month mark!

I honestly and truly can´t believe what is happppeeennningg! Today I complete HALF of my mission. But hey, I can´t stop time. I can´t believe how quickly things have been going!

This week was crazy. We had intercambios this last wednesday and something super crazy happened...the story is wayyyy too long but you´ll just have to remind me to let you know when we talk this Christmas!!

This last week we were riding along on our bikes headed for an appointment, and I was praying for guidance (I´ve been working on the whole praying always commandment) and suddenly I heard someone YELL "Hermana Johnson!!" I thought it was a member, maybe an elder, but when I asked my companion she told me she hadn´t heard I turned my bike around and looked....there wasn´t anyone in the street....I kept going just a little ways and there was a woman painting her fence. I pulled off to the side and started talking to her. Turns out she had wanted to talk to us. ...she was interested in our religion. She said she had lots of questions and she wants us to teach her. I couldn´t believe it!!! PLOP! All cause I was listening FOR the guidance of the spirit. 

Yes. I´m still learning Creolé. And we actually had to TEACH a lesson in Creolé and Francé...(with a little Spanish of course haha) this last Sunday. It went well!! 

We have an investigator and we are planning for HER baptism. She´s nine and her family is less active...but the grandma went to church this last we´re just trying to work with the mom! 

G* didn´t get baptized this last week. He´s worried about what his family thinks...but we´re trying to help him have a stronger testimony so that those things don´t matter. Other than that he´s doing well. 

Elder Holland was amazing yesterday. I took lots of notes...but...
long story short he talked about the importance of being part of this work FOREVER. being committed....finishing, not just starting. And the importance of the Book of Mormon. I was in the third row and it was amazing to see him. I KNOW he is an apostle of God. 

We had interviews with president and it went great. He told me he was happy with the work that we´re doing in our companionship. He also told me that he KNEW for a fact that I was doing the Lord´s will in all things and working hard. ...that he knew I was a missionary called here. 

ALSO please post that as a lonely little missionary down here in Chile I´m hoping to receive LOTS of Christmas cards! A little nice note through Dear Elder is all really....I just am really hoping for some extra letters. I don´t miss home to much cause I promise i¨m super focused, but I have a feeling that Christmas is gonna be hard and REALLY different here in the mission field! 

That´s all folks. Love you and keep doing great things....sorry you´re sick mom. You´re in my prayers...well, you´re always in my prayers...but praying more!! 
Love yooouuu!
Hermana Alex Johnson

With Hermana Ceccon

Quilicura Zone rockin it!

The sisters in our zone ...gone crazy!!

Having some fun with her companion and district Elders

 We´re goof balls and I LOVE it!!!! (With her Chilean companion... Hermana Latorre)

Some of the cool sisters here in our mission!!! Right after seeing Elder Holland

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