Monday, November 18, 2013

Another No Zoo Day

Well our pday was a bit of a bust this last week. For the second time we tried going to the zoo....and for the second time it was closed. ON THE DAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OPEN....but just our luck that for just THAT day it was on fun. hahaha. but whatever. We were able to chill a little bit and check out one of my favorite places in Santiago...PATRONATO. Mom, you´re gonna die when we visit it!! 
To answer some of your questions, my companion is waiting for her Visa to go to Venezuela.
G* is doing great. He has a baptismal date again, so we´re working with him in that. 
Gonna have to wait for the intercambios story sorry. 
And what do you wanna know about elder Holland? I don’t know what else to say!!! It made a real impact on me. HIT HOME actually. He was very powerful. 
So ....its been a really short week since the last time I´ve talked to you. Nothing too new has happened, and I don´t even have my cable to send you pictures. ...but whatever right haha. 

IT. IS. HOT. like...unbearable hot. ...well today is great, but the last few days were 33 celcius...and walking in the street all day in THAT kind of heat....its hot. ...I should probably by some sunscreen this week haha......but I still haven’t got burnt!! I’ve definitely tanned up a bit...on my arms and face. ...but the difference of color I have from my face and arms to my legs and stomach is SUPER big hahaha. 

We´ve had some great lessons this last week and we have a great family we are teaching....two actually. We were able to extend some more baptism dates this week, so that was super great too! 

We had lunch with the G* family, who is a 70 and we bought a pie for one of the sister missionaries in our ward. Went well!! I made a mom taught me;) ....well not THAT good, but good for what I had haha! 

This week there was a woman walking in the street and she called out to us while walking with a group of like 6 kids. ...a herd haha. Well she asked if she could have a card of Jesus Christ....we started talking and she´s looked for a religion for a long time, and has never been able to find it. But I promised her that this is it. She accepted to meet with us...and she´s just TOO great. And with all the contacting that we´ve been doing, I´m expecting us to see lots of new investigators this week YEA! 

I´m happy.
I´m excited for everything that´s going on at home...and I love you all!!! Praying for you lots...extra, to compensate for the stress you all must have. Keep fighting the good fight :))) 

Love always, 
Hermana Alex Johnson

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