Sunday, November 10, 2013

Elder Holland is coming to Chile!

I still think I could save up two years to go on another mission....we´ll see how it goes I guess haha. 
AND THANKS FOR THE PACKAGE. (This is the "lost" package that I sent at the end of July!) Loved it of course. I shared the treats...just a little bit, but I shared all the same haha. I WOULD LOVE A WHOLE LOT MORE OF CHEEZEITS. Like really....I gobbled one of the bags up  WAY too fast. 

So I don´t like French very much....I like hearing it and I can read it...really well actually....just not SAY the words haha. BUT I´m learning Créole! It´s super interesting, and I can actually TALK it. It actually contains a lot of french too so that´s pretty cool. I´m learning lots already and I love it! We have lots of new investigators from Haiti and so we have to learn to communicate with those that are new here or who don´t speak very well. 

We are planning G*´s baptism....I can´t believe that we have less than a week to finish teaching everything and ....AH! lots of stress. But he´s excited. We had an FHE with a family in the ward and it went soooo well!! I´m stoked. I know the Lord blesses us because we were doing our part. And I keep doing just that and waiting for even more blessings. 

I´m trying to do all I can to listen to the spirit hear it and then LISTEN to it....and to listen and ask for it´s guidance in all moments. To ask what I should do, even if I don´t agree or understand. The only thing I have to give, that he hasn´t given me is my will. My heart...and I´m giving it ALL to him. For example....we were doing street contacts and what not and I felt like I needed to just stay put. My companion was like...shouldn´t we do something, and I said yes....we need to stay here. She looked at me ...and all I said was I don´t know why but I feel like I´m waiting for someone. And right as I said that, a man arrived walking in our direction. As he continued walking I said, we were waiting for him. Turns out it was a recent contact from about a week ago....and he had the pamphlet we´d given him in his hands. Reading it. He told us he wanted us to pass by in the night time. It was a really neat experience that we had, ONLY because we were open to listening to the spirit. God guides us. This is HIS work and HIS glory...I´m just a part of it. So if I try to do what I want, I´m not GOING to be part of it. I have to give him everything I have....including my will and my heart.  I¨´m learning to listen. Really listen....and OH how I´m receiving so many blessings!!! ....Listen and do is all that´s required of us!!! Lets go!

My new companion and I are really getting along great. We work well together and our energy goes well together. We play off each other and we teach well together. It´s neat. 

We had lots of miracles. We found lots of new investigators and have seen a LOT of changes in HEARTS. It´s beautiful. Our ward is working harder to strengthen itself. 

Just know I´m happy. I´m blessed. I´m obedient and working hard. That´s all there is to it right!?!?!
OH! And Elder Holland is gonna come and visit us!!! I GET TO HEAR ELDER HOOOOLLLAAAANNNNDD!!! ....and FYI november 11th we have interviews, the 12th Elder Holland is gonna talk to us, and the 13th...WED, is my pday. FYI. A heads-up.  AND THAT is my ninth month half mark!?!?! I really just don´t want my mission to END! I really don´t. I´m seriously thinking about doing this for the rest of my life. It´s so FULFILLING!?!?! What´s more fulfilling than this? I don´t think there´s anything! 

I know the Lord sends prepared people to prepared servants...I´m trying my best to be one of them. 

I love you all. Sorry there´s not much to write this week...I usually plan some things to say but I didn´t today...but oh well. After the mission you can read my diary haha. 

Hermana Alex Johnson

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