Monday, December 2, 2013

So....I´m a Trainer

So ....everything is going really super fast haha. Let me start with what´s happened as of late:
Friday, President called me. He asked me what has been going on in my sector and if I wanted to stay in my sector or no...I told him I wanted to stay. 
Saturday, President called me again. ...and tells me I´m going to train.
Sunday night, my leaders call me and affirm everything. 
So I´m going to stay in Quilicura!!! Lo Marcoleta for LIIFFFEE! At the end of this change Im going to complete HALF of my mission in the same WARD. ...the weird thing is I´m gonna train. ...and I finished my training here. Its like one big ginormous circle!!! 
I´ll be getting my "daughter" tomorrow. ....CRAZY!
But I´m kind of freaking out to be´s a LOT of pressure to train. ...but then I got to thinking. I´m going to be training...Hannah is going to be getting trained. ....HOW COOL!!! I had the thought that I have to train like I want Hannah´s trainer to train her. Neat right?
Mom! Can you send me some old pics of the fam.....when we were young...and also some pics of all of us together? Thanks!
What else?
Oh. My tendenitis....well we went to the doctors office again and he told me that the other doctor had been practically doping me. FUN! ...he told me that my leg was like...dead haha. Cause usually someone will have tendinitis in a PART of their body...not their whole leg, but thats what happened!!! my whoollleee leg. But the elders came and gave a blessing to me as well as Hermana Latorre and it definitely helped. 
This week was really slow because Hermana Latorre and I ALREADY had health problems, and then she broke a bone in her foot and THEN she crashed on her bicycle...its been a long week. 
But I'm content about everything thats been going on. I'm happy I get to be here for Christmas haha! ...never thought it would happen but happy its going to happen:) 
And thats my letter.
Tell Hannah I say hi in your dearelder letter! 
Love you all!!!
Hermana Alex Johnson
ps. Started the elf on the shelf activity calender yesterday!!!

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