Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What a WONDERFUL Life I Have!

WELL! I have LOTS of things to say but no time to say it. well...I have a little bit of time, but super jumpity right now so that doesn´t really help. 
This week was great. We had transfers......guess where I went?? NO WHERE. I´m still in the same ward...but got A DIFFERENT companion! Hermana Latorre. She´s waiting for her visa....she´s from Chile. But she really is AWESOME. We´re a LOT too many ways haha. 

This week we were on fire...yet again. And without 2 days of working!!! .....yea baby. This week we AGAIN found 11 new investigators. We´ve seen so many great blessing from the Lord. My new companion is a hard worker and with lots of energy....and it´s great.  We hit the road running....and we´re in a marathon, going, going, GOING. And I´m loving it. I´m a HAPPY camper. Like for reals. 

G* is doing great. After district class this week we found him in the street with his pamphlets talking to the other elders......he read the pamphlet like 10 times. When the elders left he insisted in buying us lunch. We taught him lots this week, and are planning a FHE with a great family who lives close. He loved church. ..his baptism is comin up QUICK! He´s a sweetheart by ALL means. 

I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. Seems to me it went well, but it was my first time all the same....pretty neat to do it in spanish. But lots of people told me it made an impact on them so I at least did SOMETHING good. 

We found a total of 4 new investigators from Haiti. .....and they don´t speak spanish very well. SO I´m learning French. We had to talk a little extra time to teach them but they´re super great and super excited to I just gotta get my mind going again. I was able to teach about the Book of Mormon and share my testimony already so that was pretty cool haha! Just hard work..

We had AN AMMMAAAZING door contact that lead into a lesson. I´d knocked on this door before but no one every answered us. This time a teen come out to see us. He went and got his dad and we started talking to him. He told us initially that it didn´t interest him.....and I asked WHY!?! ...he didn´t say much but then I gave an example of a bag of cookies... That he had a bag of cookies and that I was willing to give him the exact bag, for that he could have 2! No matter that it´s a little funny, I know it came from the spirit...and I don´t even really remember how I related it, but I DID....and he said "okay, lets see how good your cookies are" or something along that line and it was so cool haha....we were able to enter and I had a feeling we should teach the plan of salvation. Let me just tell you, it was probably the most spirit guided lesson I´ve ever been we asked questions, shared experiences, and explained by examples he understood more, he asked questions, and we were able to understand more. We found out that he doesn't believe in God...or in the next life, but I was able to testify that if there was no life none of this would matter...and the Spirit made me say it in such a way that it really hit him. Long story short, he absolutely was NOT going to pray. His son prayed at the end of the lesson...but his son also said he wanted his Dad to pray, and with a little bit of encouragement on the part of the spirit...he DID. It was absolutely amazing the experience. AMAZING. I know that if we work through the spirit we will be trusted with His children and he will prepare them and help us to help them!!! We have a baptism coming up, we are initiating a new plan for our ward and working more with members, and my companion is great. I love being a part of His work! There is not a greater JOY! 

Is it weird that I´m thinking I want to serve another for reals. Us girls can do that right? 
Hermana Alex Johnson

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