Thursday, August 29, 2013

oh well! That´s the life of...

As for this week, it was pretty good. Hermana Ceccon had a great birthday! ...we only ate like 10 cakes and pies...okay it was 5 but still! After that she had some problems with her arm and had to use a sling for several days! we were stuck in the house a for a while which wasn´t very fun, but I was able to leave and do some missionary work while she was resting. I left with the F* and she asked ME if we could knock doors and talk to people. It was pretty great to say the see how animated she was to work! We were able to extend and have someone accept a baptism date, and it was such a blessing because we´ve been having problems seeing an acceptance. Oh well! That´s the life of God´s miracles!

We received a reference from Hermana Dodds..and as we were looking for it we were stopped by a woman in the street. She asked us why we haven´t visited her....apparently the missionaries before were men and so they could never enter, but now there´s the sisters! She was very excited and we were able to make an appointment and everything!
As we left this same street we came across two men and a woman cleaning up a whole sidewalk of plants. We immediately got to work. And as we began talking we began teaching. Number wise it didn´t count as a lesson, and we weren´t able to enter in the house still, but I know that the next time we´ll be able to. They were able to acknowledge us as servants of the Lord as we set aside everything to serve and teach them. Nails? Oh well! That´s the life of a hard worker!

We have seen an unbelievable amount of miracles in the lives of familia Legit this past week. They´re like our mission family. We always teach F**, because he´s preparing for his baptism, but one day we were able to have a talk with just the mom. And it helped my testimony grow sooo much! What incredible miracles we received this week. ...and although we have been congratulated for our numbers, all of the miracles we receive really don´t reflect in that way. oh well! That´s the life of a blessed missionary! 

Also, yesterday in church I forgot to read that the song had three flats and started playing the song normally....when I finally played through the introduction and no one started singing I realized what i´d done......and of course, being the classic Alex that I am, I busted up laughing in front of the whole world. How embarrassing! But if sure helped lighten everyone up! oh well! That´s the life of a missionary piano player! 

Well, this is my it comes and goes, but every moment is a moment of joy. Love you all and I´m always praying for you!

Hermana Alex Johnson

    Hermana Johnson leading the music in Church (Thanks to Hermana Sandra!)

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