Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Slow Week

....guess what I forgot to check...the size of the clarks haha. BUT next week. I´ve been using my BOOTS so often that I didn´t even think about it. I have yet to receive a package, but we didn´t get mail this last week so hopefully tomorrow!! (We just heard that there is a postal workers strike in Chile... so she may NEVER get her package )I don´t have any idea about the flights. MY plan is to lengthen my mission one month. Till september. So it would be like the middle of september. around there...I´m not positive...Hermana Ceccon and I talked and we REALLY want to leave together. Her mom speaks some english! And I´m teaching hermana Ceccon so it would be super cool to leave chile together with them. There´s so much to do when you get like a year. But that´s besides the point. I¨m giving you LONG term notice haha. Thanks for helping me with my money!! 

Well as for what happened this week...not much. F* and R* were confirmed, we had A LOT of less actives in church again this week, including all of Familia Legit (P*, R*, L*, and F*) If they keep coming with F* and become active again, and F* keeps reading he´ll be able to get baptized!! 

We started teaching Lesson 5 with F* and R*. It´s practically my first time teaching this lesson so there´s some spanish I need to learn, but it´s super fun. 

Hermana Ceccon and I fasted with F*, R*, and Familia Legit. ...I don´t think I have ever been so hungry haha. But it was cool to be able to do it with all of them and see how strong they were!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDY!!! HAPPPPPYYYY BIRTHDAY!! I love him and am super happy for him. Hoping he had a great birthday and that he fly fished ALLLL day long.

Tell Ella congrats on her babysitting job! I´m so proud of her how fast my sisters are growing. PAH! 

....well. That´s my week. I know it´s not much of a letter, but we had a pretty chill week. The last week was CRAY so I guess we just slowed down a bit. We did great with contacts this week, and we´re making more and more goals. There are literally streets I´ve never seen before in our sector....and I smell baptisms!!! WAHOOOO! 

I love you all and enjoy THE HEAT!! Soak it in baby. 
Love always, 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Not sure where these came from but Cars is still a favorite of Alex's!

Making Pizza with an awesome family!

Thats one HUGE rolling pin!

Best Pizza in Chile!

Faux sewing

goofy hermanas!

Birthday wishes for Dad...

and more

Helping with some awesome service... air power!

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