Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Carnet, an Owl, and the Bus.

This week was good, but disappointing. We didn´t have too much success regarding our numbers. We had too many short days, some extra rain, and I had to take out my carnet. (A carnet is like a one year visa... missionaries enter into the country and get their tourist visa for a few months then get their one year visa/carnet)

I have lots of ...stuff in my nose, my throat, and my head. ...and my boots....they´re done. They´ve seen their day. I´m using clarks, but it doesn´t help too much with the cold...and August is the coldest that it gets here. On the brightside less than a month left and then it starts to heat up a little bit......on the other side I´m gonna die in the summer haha. But I´m happy. SUPER happy, to be more specific. I can´t believe I almost have 6 months in my mission already!! I can hardly believe it for reals!! And how happy I was to hear that Hannah got to go through the temple, that you guys are all enjoying your summer and you're all happy....working, and a little stressed, but together and happy. Soak in some sun for me at the lake will ya haha!!!

About a week ago we visited Familia ***, and L* had a poster of girls in a bra...that his friend made for him out of a joke from a bra and underwear catalog....but he put it on his wall! So when he wasn´t there, we took it down and put up a poster that we wrote and with a right!? Yes. And it´s still there. 

Everyone here tells me how gringos are cold...and the truth is that it´s pretty true. But I´m gonna show them that I´m different. I´ve already heard that I AM...but what happens with a lot of the gringos here is that they get home from their mission and they don´t WRITE all the people they have on facebook....I know that it´s gonna be a big task when I get home but I´m telling you right now that when I get home from my mission I will not FORGET the people here. That I will write them a bunch and that they will remember that not ALLL gringos are cold. I´ll show them....

I took out my carnet and had to wake up at 4 in the morning...that wasn´t very fun. And I was in lines, or in the cold till 3 in the afternoon...also not very fun. But I have my carnet till August 8th....and Hermana Ceccon too!!! So that´s pretty cool. We´re determined to finish our missions together. I remember thinking, when I was little, that there was someone in the world like me...that spoke another language and blah blah blah...but I never thought I´d find that person. Well! I´ve found her. Hermana Ceccon is definitely my sister ....from Argentina. There´s just toooo many details that are the same. Even that of our FAMILY. It´s so cool. I can´t wait for you guys to meet her! 

Yesterday we were headed to church and a lady stopped us on our way. I thought she was going to ask us for money, but to my surprise she asked us for a flyer or a card. We gave her one and then before we could say anything she asked us when our church started...I told her! Her eyes got really big and she told us she would be right back!  She ran off to buy some bread. While I was playing piano I prayed desperately that she WOULD come and that she would feel something different in her heart. During the sacrament meeting, lo and behold she appears! I continued to pray for her with all my heart, and afterwards we took her information as a reference for the elders, but she explained that she had been her before and had felt something different. How amazing to see how blessed we were...immediately! 

We are working more and more with references in our mission, or trying to. Hermana Ceccon and I had good success with our lessons this last week, but our mission is focusing on references contacted as well as contacts....and we lacked TOO MUCH in both. So we followed some advice mom sent me. We went and bought a cute little stuffed owl...and named him Robby. Referencia búho. We put some pins in him and we passed him off to a family. Through relief society he will visit many family´s and each time he enters into a house, he must leave with at least ONE reference...a family that we can visit. So far it´s working. People that don´t even have Robby are becoming more excited to find us family´s to visit! 

We left the church one day and for some reason we left the church differently. We left through the back door and traveled in a road that we literally never use....we realized we had to head back for something forgotten, but started back the way that we usually take. We discovered that a bus crashed with a van...and the whole street was in scraps, people were on the floor, and it was a mess...and then we realized that it had JUST happened...and if we would have walked the way we usually go, we would have been there. I know the Lord is with us and absolutely he is PROTECTING us. 

Well there´s some tid bits of this week! I´m happy, you guys are happy, and that´s the LIFE. 

Hermana Alex Johnson

"It´s only a weed if you think of it like that!!....and cause mom told me so!"

"A lot of rain, but a little sun to make our day!"

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