Thursday, August 29, 2013

6 Months?? Missionary say whaaa?!

Apparently, as I have recently been informed, I was called to Jury Duty. Unfortunately I´m ....well I´m kind of camping in Chile. Oh bummer. 

I was HAPPY to hear that you all are enjoying YOUR camping experience ...oh how I miss washington beautiful it is! And the photos of yakima!!!! You´ll have to soak it all in for me.

     I really can´t believe that I have six months in my mission already. It makes me just so ....happy....and sad....and excited...and I don´t even know!! weird that´s all. It´s just weird. But I´m happy to know I still have a year left, and I´m sure taking advantage of it. Hermana Ceccon, my twin, is teaching me lots. We´re working almost flawlessly....and I´m a little nervous to have a change of companion, because I´m almost positive that we´re gonna see changes this time. But it´s okay. I know that the Lord will take care of me and he knows what I need to learn next. 

    Someone followed us home this week....we were planning and someone yelled halo!! ...which is what we do when there isn´t a doorbell, and there was some guy who wanted to talk. Of course, being slightly idiotic we opened the gate, went out and talked to him for a bit....but after a little while it became absolutely clear that he followed us home. we called some members and nothing happened, but it was a little bit of a scary situation. Oh well. God protected us! ....and we had potato chips and chocolate to snack on with my bed in front of the door for the nerves haha. 

    We thought outside of the box this week as a companionship. We had some extra success too! One of the lessons we had with F* was helping him understand the different laws of the church....and the next day we wanted to reaaalllly help him. So we made a board game. I´ll send photos, but it was super cool! 

    Also this week in church we had some amazing success, we have Felipe progressing, the mother always comes to church when she doesn't have to work now and the ward is helping us more and more. We had 6 less active LEAST...that came to church on Sunday. ...less active families that stopped coming to church for at least 5 20 years. It was amazing to see them there and the in their eyes...and that of the ward as well!!! 

    we had our first door slam!!! We were contacting a reference and she wasn´t very receptive at all so we tried to give her a card is all...and she said no.. But I at least wanted to ask her what her name was to see if it was HER that was the reference, or the mom...well. She yelled hever name and slammed to door. Veerrryyy firmly. I kind of laughed.....yikes! She´s gonna be needing the gospel eventually....
     I´m praying for you all. ....In less than I month I´m gonna have to wear maaajjooor sunblock....I´m hoping I survive. But, just in case, I still want to be buried with my cars stuff......hehe. 

Love always,
Hermana Alex Johnson
"This is how we DO IT. THE GAME."

Hermana Ceccon gets Birthday breakfast in bed!

Hermana Johnson studying

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