Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Camping in Chile: #WINTER2

It`s starting to cool down on our side of the equator. Every day is getting colder and colder…and we`ve been seeing a ton of RAIN.

On Tuesday I had intercambios with Hermana Ceccon! Oh what a blast that was. It`s cool to be able to see her often, and its even better to know that the friendship we formed never ended even with a good amount of time seperated from one another. We did a service project painting, and we spent all day working with members, which is a miracle…AND it poured. Even bigger miracle. It hasnt rained here in such a long time…sprinkling ..but nothing like this. Its a relief for the people here. And the mountains look amazing with  their sugared snow tops. I love it!!! ….except the being really cold part. I dont remember being so cold the winter before..maybe cause I had just gone through the winter in Washington. But I barely used tights, and all that jazz.. Now I use tights without fail haha. whatevs.

On wednesday it was a little bit of a bust. ...we walked around in the cold and rain doing contacts all day. Till about 8:30ish at night when we had a FHE witha a bunch of new converts and investigators..kinda. They`re all children that 1/2 live on the street. 

On Thursday we had zone conference. ..I had to say goodbye and president too. I`ll send lots of pics next week. But I had to share my "what I learned in the mission and BYE" testimony..which was hard. 
It continued to rain. Big time.

On Friday E* and S* started their plan to stop drinking FOREEEVVVERR. And their whole family is noticing a difference in who they are becoming. Pray for them!! Their brother said lots of awesome things about what he`s seen in their progress and how we`ve helped and has now decided to share with us because of it. God continues to touch and change peoples hearts daily. 

On Saturday.....I LOST MY PLANNER!!! you know how devestated I was???!?! All of our plans, numbers, directions...the worst all the referencias we`d recieved! ..oh it was devistating. I even informed the radio station so that I could find it ..but nothing. And to top it all of ...a heater burnt my skirt in the back. What an adventure. 

Yesterday was great too. Church, lots of lessons, Hermana Angelica went with us to las cabras, and we finished it all with a FHE in her house too. 
When we got home the power was out....COLD COLD COLD. 
Im back to feeling like I`m camping often times. Thats kinda fun. ...and other times not. 

Played bball this morning and enjoyed the sun and beautiful weather for the first time in like 2 weeks....well, kind of since we had to be inside for the whole day. 

Keep praying. Help the missionaries. Give them referrals. Invite our neighbors to do FHE`s with you all. Take friends to mutual. Talk to people in the supermarket, at long as there are friends and family who are not members, our work isn`t finished. 

Love you all, 
Hurrah for Israel

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