Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Alex's Last transfer!

Happy FATHERS DAY yyyyeessssteeerrDADY haha. Okay, cheesiest joke of my life. Not gonna lie. But ..still funny. Dad, I hope that you had the greatest Fathers Day. I am so greatful for the great example you have given me throughout my life. I have been able to apply many important principles in my mission, and in my life in general. I have the best two greatest Dad`s ever. Dad (CSJ) and my Heavenly Father. I can`t ask for anything better. 

Mom. I sent an email about work. PLEASE stop killing your hand. Praying para tu manito. 

This week we worked great with members. We are working really hard to be able to do it! We have tried a ton of ideas, and guess what...they are working!! The members, little by little are starting to help more and more. 
This Sunday we had branch conference, and there was a little bit of a hammering. The theme was Jacob 1:19, but it is good. They understand the importance. Someone`s just gotta plug in some batteries. 

We`ve been teaching F* a ton this week....MIRACLE OF THE WEEK. J*, the brother of E* and S*, AFTER INVITING HIM LIKE FIVE THOUSAND MILLION TIMES decided that he wanted to come to church by himself. He said that he`s seen true patience, and love, and that he felt that we really and truly represented Christ`s church. We always invited him, even though he ALWAYS said no. But he was listening in the distance the whole time. And he came to church this week! And guess what else...we invited him to be baptized, with a baptisimal date for like a month and a half...and he said he wanted to do it as quick as possible. Before his brothers. ...I seriously couldn`t believe it. He`s reading...and dang. What a guy...and he`s taking his own measures to stop smoking. What a miracle! God, in his time and according to our faith, diligence, and obedience, will touch peoples hearts...change people`s hearts. 

Elder Robbins came to see us this week. It was mind blowing. ...I really cant believe the amount of general authorities that have come to see us in my time here in four or five. A lot. 

We had some more rain days...but these last two days have been HOT. weird. I didnt even use my jacket yesterday. Even at night. ...Better enjoy it now haha! 

People are WORLD CUP LOVERS here...well, they`re soccer lovers. In the US there is just SUCH a variety of sports and what its SOCCER, SOCCER, and more SOCCER. Dont ask me happened the day that Chile played, because we had to go in early and plan since everyone gets drunk and crazy when there are soccer games. One drunk guy used the cheesiest pick up line that I`ve probably ever heard... something like "you`re so`re like Eve, but thats okay cause I`m your Adam" BARF.

I bet you all want to know what`s happening for this next change in my mission: Hermana Nielson is going to another sector in Quilicura that`s right next to lo marcoleta and Hermana Clark is in Catemu. Hermana Ceccon is in San Felipe still, and ME...I`m going to Santiago get my hijita number 3 and bring her back to Santa Maria!! Wahoo! 

Asi son las cosas. Overall it was a short week with all the stuff that`s been going on, but for all the time we lost, we`ve had a kickin week. Love Chile...and I love being a missionary. Be jealous. ...or better yet.....BE A MISSIONARY. 

Hurrah for Israel! 
Love you all!!!
Hermana Alex Johnson

Chillin with mis hijitas por....what could be a last time.


Bye Hermana Alonso! We`re gonna miss ya!

Service project! painting...and with the crazy Argentinian gal haha

Conference with Elder Robbins

Hemana Paola and I! She`s a doll! 

Elias and I...prepping for the mission!!! He comes out to help us a ton! 

Sweet family. Recent converts the kids. 

Saying goodbye to Flia Bustos

NDH con Flia Vargas... (FHE)

World cup awesomeness....they recruited a missionary.

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