Tuesday, March 4, 2014

First Week in Paradise

Well...FIRST WEEK IN SANTA MARIA. Seriously, I love it. Its so beautiful here...its like a dream come true. The mountains, the hills, the clouds...I can even see some snow sometimes!! ...far off, but still! 

So I dont have much time cause I have to do BYU planning (LLAAAMMMEE...nothing beats the mission), but this week has been great. Our sector has to be one of the biggest sectors in the whole mission...we ride A LOT on bikes…and we ride up MOUNTAINS. There are some sectors that are so far that it would take seriously all day to ride there on the bikes because its ALL UP HILL! BUT the good news is I am getting even MORE in shape! 
We worked in a far off zone, and a cute little 11 year old girl went to a lesson with us and shared her testimony. It was adorable. Idk if Ella and Pepper can help the missionaries out, but they SHOULD. I regret not doing it. SEND UM TO WORK IN THE LORDS VINARD!

Saturday was the greatest…even though it was a long day. We were able to hear from the director of the missionary department for the church. I will have to send you a copy of my notes because it was a 4 and a half hour conference...a LOT of awesomeness. He talked a lot about how many missionaries here are playing a song...but with only 1 note (or two with luck)....BAPTISM. but we are forgetting about the rest of our missionary purpose...CHRIST’S GOSPEL. I am not going to all this stuff was going on about BAPTISM; BAPTISM and BAAAPPPTTIIISSMM I was starting to feel like I needed to just find a bunch of people and baptism and hope that everything goes well for them in the future...but Elder Evans confirmed what I already knew...

1.  Whenever possible, look for and teach families (especially with a father) and young men who could serve missions so that they can strengthen the Church.  Favor teaching these over others, but not to the complete exclusion of all others. 
2.  Before baptizing a person, teach them the doctrine of repentance clearly and powerfully and ensure that they have fully repented of their sins before baptism.  
3.  Before baptizing a person, often try to have them read the Book of Mormon beginning with the Introduction to the book and reading the pages in order afterwards.  
4.   Do not baptize a person who does not meet the requirements of Preach My Gospel chapter 12 or who is likely to quickly fall away.  District class this week will focus on this subject by reviewing the requirements for baptism.

5. After baptism and confirmation, continue to help every new convert to fully receive the Holy Ghost, do family history work, and make it to the temple.

What a blessing right?? He kind of...bashed a couple missionaries....and I felt strongly that I had to change and improve in a LOT of things as well. And the people that I have helped come BACK into the fold...that is just as important as bringing someone new. He is a special witness of Christ and when he testified of him I felt such a POUND in my was astounding. 

Well anyways… Sunday I went to my little branch. It was super cute. there were 35 people and the president of the branch didnt come, but thats okay. I`m going to have to do a LOT of work for the branch. 
As for my companion...shes pretty great. ...she was inactive for a really long time....till right before her mission so I feel like she is still adjusting to being a member....AND a missionary too! ...the branch, my companion, and the sector ...well is gonna be fun. Its gonna be harder than training. But I am learning lots about LOVE. and Charity. And its been helping lots. 

SANTA MARIA is great and I love you all!!! 
Thanks for all your prayers. 
Love, Hermana Alex Johnson

Not sure how these Hermanas got matching outfits... but they are darling. (Hermana Johnson and Hermana Clark)

At the last activity in Quilicura with loved members

She's going to miss these guys!

An investigator

Saying goodbye to the Quilicura building

Some sweet Haitian Children Alex was teaching

She loved meeting up with Hermana Ceccon during the mission conference with David F. Evans

I love it when we can see her tag!

Hermana Clark was there too!

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