Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Just GO with it

Well, my mission here in Santa Maria is so different. Its a very important mission thats for sure...this branch has suffered...and needs LOTS of help. Not gonna lie. The sector needs help, the area binder and house needs help...its a whole lot of stuff we have going on here...but so far so good. Its hard. I`m not going to lie. But Im trucking along here. I am humbling myself a lot and trying to have a lot of CHARITY.
I was reading today in Luke about the woman who was brought to Jesus. I realized that know one judged her...because no one had the authority to do so. They had all sinned...but Christ, being perfect DID have the authority to judge her, and yet he didnt. I know its what we need to do as well. We have no right to judge anyone because we are all sinners. 
Santa Maria is probably the biggest sector in my joke. Its ginormous. We ride uphill on our bikes for about a half hour, at least, to get to one small PART of our sector. its HUGE. We have a lot of work to do...but we finally picked a section of our sector where we are gonna focus. Its gorgeous too. There are a ton of VINARDS. thats where we work. In the grape vines. no joke. Im gonna take more pictures this week so you can get a glimpse. 
I am studying the attributes about Charity and it is helping me to understand even more its importance. Faith...that can stop cause it can become knowledge. Hope too with stop because we`re going to ATTAIN what we`ve hoped for as we live righteously...but charity. NEVER. Charity never faileth, it never stops. Its how God works. EVERY DAY. I love that. So Im striving to have more and more every day....for all the people in the street, the branch, my companion...everything!! 
Of course I know the branch president! I met him the first day. Dont even worry. That was the first thing I did when I got we spent a little bit together with his wife and monday we`re gonna go fishing. From the bank of course. 
My companion is doing okay... She also has a very unique personality. She has some problems with health,  BUT she has great faith to have chosen to come on a mission. To work every day and I am greatful to be here in Santa Maria with her. I am learning all the same. Charity. 
Health is great. No problems. A dog bit my finger this week...but I didnt die so nothing big. 
We cleaned the house this week...and seriously NO ONE has cleaned this house in AT LEAST 6 months. We went and cleaned one of the rooms in our house...that isnt used...and we found AT LEAST 50 spiders. AND BIG ONES: like ..."I´ve never seen one so big!" and "Im TOTALLY GONNA DIE" spiders. It was horrible. And we have to clean more today too....we`ll see If I live. 
We had an earthquake. 5 point something....apparently. I didnt even realize it. Im already so used to little trembles here in Chile. But my companion about died. In the morning she told me she was freaking out ...and I didnt even open an eyeball lol. Wow. I really die when I sleep. 
I had divisions in ...SAN FELIPE! It was so weird to see my first mission house again...lots of changes. AND to be in that sector again. I gave the missionaries some references, and they were able to make some appointments with these people. It was cool. I knew where I was going...even after all this time! And lots of members recognized me all the same...even after a year. Each one recognized me for a seperate reputation and that was pretty funny. But it was a fun experience. 
We are teaching an investigator that has problems with drugs...he struggles a ton. He really wants to change...but at the same time its soooo hard for him. He`s been in a center before, and he just got back into it after he got out. But this week, ONE DAY,he read from the book of mormon..and UNDERSTOOD. And guess what, he didnt smoke or drink ...ANYTHING. Totally clean....coincidence?? I think not. But the next day he sank back´ll be hard for him. 
Yesterday I did everything in church. Played the piano, gave a talk, lead the music, taught a class....and I didnt like it. Of course I love helping and what not, but it was hard cause I felt like we need to get the MEMBERS to have callings so they can do it all!!! 
And we are finding a TON of new investigators...its different here in Santa Maria. Its easier to enter a home but harder to help people Quilicura, it was practically IMPOSSIBLE sometimes to enter a home. Here we just decide where and we get in every day, without exception. Its just different. 
But I am doing all I can to help here in this sector. I am doing all I can to complete my missionary purpose. Im DOING. Im not perfect, but I am DOING my best. (Im in the process of eliminating TRY from my vocabulary...)
I love you all.
Hermana Alex Johnson

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