Wednesday, February 26, 2014


So I didnt plan this at all considering that I was packing instead of writing, but I promise to do the best I can.

To start off I am now in a BRANCH. A small branch that is "difficult." ...and apparently putting me here is a `hail mary`. lets just GOOO FOR IT. Hey, I`m cool with that. We`re gonna rock it here. 

I have a new companion from Peru! Her name is Hermana Carhuas. I am only her third companion...its her second transfer outside of her training. I think she is sad. She has back pain too....but that doesnt matter. I plan to cheer her up! I plan to make this the bestest change evvveeerrr! Its kinda cool to start all over again…but not quite because I kind of know where I`m at! ...I dont feel TOOO lost at least haha. 
As for my last week with Hermana was hard. Not because anything bad happened, but we asked for diligence. And thats what we got (how funny that he ALWAYS answers prayers lol....I feel like I should stop asking for certain attributes of Christ because the package to recieve them often comes HEAVY!!! Lots of it haha) 
But thats how our week went....slow, but we worked with diligence. 
We had a very successful ward activity with several investigators and less actives (successful means 50 people lol) But it was super fun!! Guess what we did? SKITS IN A BAG! With scripture stories!!! 
Each day of the week this week Hermana Clark and I had a theme, and it was a really fun way to end our week. Ill have to send you pictures next time cause I dont have a way to connect my camera today, but I promise Imma send LOTS! 

One of our awesome investigators, C*, was trying to stop smoking. We made a deal that we were each going to give something up TOGETHER. Hermana Clark gave up everything with sugar, and I gave up everything with carbs (besides the times when we have to eat with members...because we really cant control that) and he`s gonna give up smoking!!! But we`ve been going strong...hes been struggling a bit, but I`m praying lots for him. 

One of the greatest miracles that happened was on Saturday night, T*, an AMAZING investigator that is totally going to get baptized this change (she calls us to ask for more for reals, shes LEGIT) called me up and asked to come to church. Asked for the direction and everything. AND BAM. She came!!! FINNAALLY we had someone in church! And it was aweosme because in the class we talked about prayer and there was a PERFECT talk for her about the book of mormon. It was like miracle after miracle haha. 

(Alex shared an experience that should be kept private but here is her response to that experience. I thought it was pretty wonderful.)
But to be honest, I really am learning a lot about what Dad is learning. It doesnt matter. God has EVERYTHING in control and He knows. He knows what we need, He knows what we feel, and He knows how to help. 
Even though this branch, apparently, is very difficult, we obviously need to change things up is all. So we're gonna get to it. And Im praying lots that I can see someone enter into the waters of baptism on my birthday. I dont think I could pray for anything greater. ....besides the temple! 

Thanks for everything. I love you all to DEATH. 
Hermana Alex Johnson

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