Monday, December 9, 2013

With Wondering Awe

This week has been great. Being a trainer is a WHOOOOLLLLEEEE new experience. ...and truly unlike any other, but hey. So far so good. 

My new companion is Hermana Clark. She is from Salem Utah. She studied dance education at BYU for a year and graduated in 2012. 19 years old. Shes really great. Shes willing to work and open to do practices with the wall...I remember that was always hard for me haha. She talks pretty well in Spanish, and really she understands a LOT. ...definitely a lot more than I DID when I got here. She was in the MTC here in Chile. Pretty sure shes really homesick and its a LOT to adjust too....I think going to the Y for almost 2 years really helped me...cause, to be completely honest, I really didnt have a hard time adjusting to the mission life. With some things yes, which is NORMAL, but I never really got too homesick or worried about spanish. I just did it. It was a really big blessing. Hermana Clark is having a little bit harder of a time with it, but I can see her determination to keep going NOT QUIT. And that determination is playing well on her side. Oh!! She has 3 sisters and 4 brothers, like Dad´s family, and her parents are serving a member support mission in Hong Kong. Cool right? ...but hard. 

As for being a trainer....Its not to bad. Its a lot of time, a lot of patience, and a lot of LOVE. ...but its not as hard as I thought it would be. That same determination she has, I do to. I´m determined to help her see her be the best missionary she can be. Im trying to help influence and teach her by example and LOVE....and Its helping a lot with our investigators. Its the same principle of how we need to teach them: slow down, explain clearly, help them do their duties and understand the WHY of everything, love them, have patience, hope, and charity....its the same purpose. And I really love it because I understand more and more every day God´s purpose. God is the greatest missionary. He has given all he has for us. ....and His work and His glory is to bring to pass the eternal life and immortality of man...THATS WHAT IM DOING!!! I love thinking about that. I know that missionary life, is the closest thing I will see to what REAL LIFE is. And I love that feeling. 

I got my first little sun burn, but it was just a little bit below my shoulders...on only one part of my arm haha. Im surviving the sun okay....and surprisingly. 
Im not gonna mention the tan line I have on my arm from my watch...cause its ginourmous haha. 

This week we continued finding new investigators. And we have several people with baptismal dates....
One of our investigators, S*, is a miracle investigator. We were able to extend a baptismal date yesterday and she accepted with open arms. She has had a very hard life... she lost her job...and her house...and has four DARLING children. I love her....with all my heart and soul. I really love every investigator, but I feel that there are some people that I JUST HAD TO BE A PART OF. And she is one of them. 

I have two great stories....a pretty hilarious one and a miracle. 

I was talking to a woman as she watered her garden, and helping Hermana Clark understand more and more about how to do contacts....and SUDDENLY I felt something on my arm. I look to my right side and there is a big ´ol white and brown line of BIRD POOP., that has NEVER happened to me in my whole entire life (so I guess it was my turn for a stroke of bad luck) but I didnt even know what to while Hermana Clark burst up laughing, I calmly continued talking to this woman, who turned up being a MEMBER (as half of the people I talk to ARE) and noted her address, and ...stayed calm. THEN I washed my stinkin arm, but it was sure funny how it all happened. 

The miracle this week was SUPER cool. I had JUST told Hermana Clark that even though there are lots of dogs here, I´d never been bitten by one. We walked up to a house and yelled "HALO!" like we always do, and a dog started barking. Normal stuff. I yelled again, and as I leaned forward to do it this LARGE GERMAN SHEPARD put his ugly face (Alex doesn't like dogs) through the fence and bit my upper leg. As this all happened I literally felt his teeth go into my skin....lemme tell you...IT HURT. I was super scared as to what I was gonna see as a looked at my leg. I looked down and there was a large whole in my skirt. ...but as a looked, I didnt have a single MARK or puncture on my leg. Not even a bruise. I honestly couldnt believe it. I KNOW that I was BIT...and bit well, but I have a strong testimony of the power of my temple blessings.

But overal the work is going great. I´m pretty sure the ward wants to give me a calling since Ive been here so long...and its funny cause it IS a long time. I can hardly believe it, but Im really truly happy. It has its pros and cons. 

As for my leg...its still dead haha. But Im truckin along and everything seems to be going well even with the little bit of leg damage I have. 

Glad to hear that you are helping the missionaries....and that Hannah is doing well. She hasnt written me still...hoping for something too!!! 
But thats all. 
I love you all...and am jealous of your Christmasy weather. 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Pres. and Sis. Essig with Hermana Clark and Hermana Johnson
with Hermana Lattore!

Ho Ho Ho!

Her Zone

With her "Twin" Hermana Ceccon

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