Monday, December 16, 2013

Its begining to look a lot NOT like Christmas!

Its just so hot here...I think that the heat has actually helped me cause I forget lots of times that we are just 9 days away from Christmas!!!! 
But holy cow totally dumped me with questions this week haha. Yet have no fear! I will answer them all. Cause I love you. 
Skype session. Tell me a time ....if I dont hear back from you we´re gonna plan on sometime from 2 to 5 that day. We only have 40 minutes....super sucky. But whatever. Tell me what works best for you. 

Can you guys BELIIIEEEVVVEEE that I´ve passed my 10 month mark!?!?! Cause I sure cant....
FYI, I REALLY and TRULY am considering serving another mission. Just to put that out there...

 NO. I am NOT wearing sunblock. And I´m great haha! Still havent been fried! 
ANNNNDDD you`re gonna be the proudest mom in the whole world cause I HAVE NOT OPENED MY CHRISTMAS PRESENTS....ITS A CHRISTMAS MIRRRAAACCLLLLLEEE! ...but like it really is. We bought a little christmas tree and decorated it with ornaments. I put the Elf on a Shelf up on the top since we still havent made a star, and I put all my little gifts below the tree. They`re just waiting for me...kind of taunting me too, but I´m still on the nice list haha. (I bet this year I have the best "nice" rating that Ive had my whole life...) 

Things are going great con mi hija. Shes so sweet! She learns really fast and she actually doesnt get TOO worried about the language. I´m so grateful for that because the language never was a super big struggle for me, and I dont know how I would handle it...
Her homesickness is going away gradually as she loses herself in the work but she really does have a lot of excitement and motivation to work hard and I love that! 

Let me just say that the Christmas season is sooo different here....and yet it´s the same. It makes me laugh cause its SO hot here, but the still have santa clause with his FULL COAT and snowflakes and what it honestly makes me laugh haha. They put up lights and trees like normal...but I have yet to see a Christmas tree that is REAL...BOOOO: Miss that pine smell...and cinnamon...and sugar cookies...and gingerbread...... (Im stopping that now cause Im fasting right now and its making me toooooo hungry haha)

We were able to have a great week this was hard, but we are working hard to follow the spirit. We found a new investigator who is great! We were headed down the street on our little bicycles (just kidding...they`re ginourmous) and as we passed a house I got a strong impression that we needed to GO BACK. So we did. A girl came limping out with a big ol boot and cane and as we started talking she showed more and more interest. She's looking for life changes and ...I can honestly see her serving a mission. Shes 33. She has a leg injury....and so shes always in the house. She said she took it as a time to be able to reflect, make decisions and change, and thats magically EXACTLY when we knocked (or yelled) at her door. I love how God leads us...but its OUR responsibility to listen to him and take into account what he tells us. Just like the commandments! They HELP us, but we have to USE THEM. 
S* was impossible to find this week, but she has really received her answer...and some extra trials. But she just has soooo much faith! Shes so strong and willing to do everything. She loves her family and God and they REALLY are the two most important things for her. Its great. She had a hard week day and  we were able to help her feel peace and happiness as we shared another message with her... we shared Mosiah 2:14 and she loved it ..loved the promises it tells us we will receive by being obedient. 

Another one of our investigators, C* hadn't been reading or keeping lots of her compromises...and I feel bad to say that I started to loose a little hope and faith in her...but yesterday we knocked on her door and she came out with the Book of Mormon in her hands. She was happy and I noted a LITERAL difference in her. ...we told her that and she started smiling. She looked and me and said...and kinda screamed, "I READ!!!" And it was a miracle. As we talked about some of the scriptures she was more focused and she was able to understand better too. I know that God works through miracles ....and through our FAITH.

We sing great together...actually, the asked us to sing in the ward Christmas activity...and they asked me to do a solo. So thats cool:) But we ALWAYS sing in lessons to invite the spirit.

My left leg is holding up great. The pain has started to go down....I followed your advice and asked God to help me KNOW what I needed to do to help myself get better....RUN. Thats the answer I got. So every morning I play some bball and I RUN lines. I feel like its helping.

And no....there haven't been any more dog or bird incidents haha. Thanks for that...

Last thing. President talked about the scripture Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21 and about how EVERY blessing we receive depends upon the law that we keep. ...and I remembered that you always told me about NATURAL CONSEQUENCES. It was a brain blaster haha. 

Hermana Alex Johnson

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