Monday, February 10, 2014


Well...I didn't have time to make a little bit of a plan about what I was gonna write so Im going to try to remember what I can. But lets just say it was a ROLLER COASTER of a ride. ..
Monday: we made an exercises video with some hermanas in the office. ...afterwards we played some bball...and then hermana Clark and I played AIRBENDERS. LIterally LEGIT. Its like before you get on the roller coaster and its something new....something fun! 
Tuesday: We had a blast. ..It was a day of perfection. We had interviews with President, and it was great. Everything seems well to me. He said I would have to leave, probably....unless I tell him otherwise because we are going to have a baptism or something. But S* moved...and I know God is telling me in a LOT of ways, that its TIME. But like I said, It was a great day. Without fail, practically every 2 seconds we had a coincidence. We ran into an investigator, or had a perfect contact, or arrived at the house in perfect was crazy. And I It was a perfect day. Its like EVERY time I decide to get on a roller coaster. Everything is perfect. There´s a cool breeze, I'm happy....and I don't see everything thats up ahead. 
Wednesday: We had intercambios. I went to work with the hermana leader in lo ovalle. It was weird because just a little bit ago I had gone as a leader to a bunch of other sectors, but this time I didn't. But I love it...I like it even better NOT being a leader, because I don't feel the expectation to try to lead AND learn. Its just a soak it in experience....I don't know how to explain it really but I like it. It went well...but it was the part of the roller coaster that is like a tunnel...and you cant see whats going on and you kind of want to, but its also nice to let your eyes take a break...if you get what I mean. 
Thursday we had our weekly planning session. Then we went out to it was a crazy day. This was like the up, down, and around part. We visited a new investigator that never lets us talk and usually just screams at us. I started getting a little frustrated, and pulled out a couple scriptures in the bible that negated what he was saying...but that really didn't help. And it was dumb of me. Well Hermana Clark starts asking some questions, being the sweetie that she is, to help calm him down a little bit...and suddenly I felt this like...SURGE of power that we HAD to talk about baptism.. And I was like "WHAT?" We sung the song I am a child of God and he went off about how it wasn't true...literally. But with God on my side, and a spurt of the spirit, I was able to testify of what a real baptism is...and how we need to have the AUTHORITY to do it. As I did it I felt that something touched his heart. We left at that point, as we had been there too long already, but all I know is that SOMETHING touched him at least. We also went to visit Elder Garcia, Member of the 70 de area. ....I never thought I would say that I taught a member of the 70, but I did! ..that was cool. And they were really impressed with some of the work that we are doing for the ward. Knowing him well, I was thinking and observing some of the reasons why he was a member of the BIG thing stuck out to A LOT. It´s the LOVE he has for his wife. for reals. He loves her A LOT.. And thats something that ALL the authorities of the church have...hmm. Maybe thats why we dont here lots about our Heavenly Mother? God loves her SOOO much...
Friday was a good day too. We continued with the loop di loops. We started the day a little slowly...with investigators that decided to look on the internet, instead of asking GOD, annndddd..we had fasted twice for S* and her family this last week or what not.... That she could get baptized...and that she could have the means she needs for her family so she could go to church...and all that jazz. Guess what? She moved. Fun stuff. But hey, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. I feel like I really need to learn things about fasting, cause I don't think I have a very strong testimony about it. I think everytime I do it and its like...done. Now what? And I don't REALLY get it.  ...we did some contacts, and no one seemed to be home...but then things picked up. We found some FANTASTIC investigators, and I felt so blessed. Like for reals. I LOVE finding new people to teach!!! ...its crazy how after knocking on the SAME doors and talking to a bunch of people, there are STILL people who I don't know. And there are people who are prepared...NOW. Not before, and not after. We left one of our lessons a little late and we had walked that day, so we didnt have our bikes to ride quickly. we ran LIKE THE WIND! THIS is the part of the roller coaster that declines super fast and they take a PRICELESS PICTURE. It was definitely a picture moment. We had a lesson with P*, and she is doing SO great in all the new member lessons. She is prepping for the temple. 
Saturday: The slow part of the rollar coaster, when you are ending the ride and just coming into the finish. I felt like we did lots, but not much. WE DID have a sudden JERK as we got to work with J* a bit, someone we helped to reactivate. Lets just say he was WAY on the other side, and now he can pass the sacrament and work with us!! ...actually this last sunday he received his patriarchal blessing...WOW RIGHT!?!?! We taught C*, with J*. Hes a progressing investigator. He was on vacations this week, but last week went to church and really seemed to like it! The lesson went super well too. 
Sunday: A chill day, and a finishing of the RIDE. We completed with A LOT of our weekly goals which made the both of us happy. Church was great, and it was a good ending...for a GREAT beginning. 

I feel that this week I was a little too stuck in my when I get on the roller coaster and I freak out cause I think that Im gonna die, or pee my pants, instead of thinking...oh its okay! We got this. Someone is in CONTROL of this machine. ...but I have some stuff in my head...DECISIONS to make. I´ve actually been studying a lot about decision making, why it´s important...and everything. Ive been having problems with a balance. I want him to guide me in EVERYTHING. But he wants me to make some of my OWN decisions too. So Ive been studying that in the liahonas and in the scriptures...and its made a BIG impact on me. Also...I was thinking about the story  the wizard of oz. ...about dorthy. and her desire to RETURN HOME. I know thats what we want...what we NEED. ...and guess what? There were LOTS of paths, but there was only ONE WAY for her to do it. AND FIRST she had to have three important things....A MIND, A HEART, AND COURAGE. Those things are what WE need to be able to make decisions. ...we also have to trust in the wizard (in the spirit) to click our heels THREE TIMES (or be willing to do three things) which for me are praying, reading the scriptures, and going to church. As we do those things we will be ABLE TO GET HOME!!! ...its a process but he has given us not only a path, but the way. I need, and want things, and I know if I follow this path...even though its USUALLY A ROLLER COASTER, that he will guide me and I will get what I need. 
I love you all!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

Santiago at day... and at night. 

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