Monday, February 3, 2014

God`s PERFECT Plan

Well...I`m going to form my letter how mom forms hers lots of times. Chronologicly.
Lunes: lets just be honest. Monday sucked big time. we`re gonna move ON from that day. 
Martes:  I did an intercambio...not gonna lie, it was nice to get out and just focus on what I could do. I focused on helping the sisters and the PEOPLE. It was a better day...and I felt that God really helped me to be calm and to be filled with love. 
Miercoles: We had our zone interviews with President. They went quite well to be honest. As soon as I got into the meeting President asked a couple things and started talking and I had a thought pop into my head about something Dad would totally do. So I kindly stopped him and asked if we could start with a prayer. ..immediately I felt the spirit enter the room and I knew that it would be there to guide both of us and know Gods will. As I wrote previously, this change I asked for two things....humility and patience. Lets just be honest and say it was probably a really dumb idea...but I KNOW that God answers prayers. We talked about that in my interview. Something I have learned about humility is that it is doing Gods will...even when it isnt your own, or that of the world. And as I said that I felt strongly that it was something that I had to learn, but that I had learned it...and president read it in my eyes. I learned a lot there...but it was just not working out.

Guess where Im at? Lo marcoleta...with hermana Clark. Finishing her training. Till the end of this change and then I have no idea whats gonna happen...I feel like this was Gods plan ALL ALONG. Like for reals. Not gonna lie. And I love him for it. I am LEARNING SO MUCH and he is ANSWERING MY PRAYERS. 
Jueves: I felt like I was HOME. Im not going to home in Chile. And its good to be back with hermana Clark. Shes grown so much. And Im letting her basically lead this learn and everything. All is well so far. I know there is a wise purpose in Gods plan to have us work together here in lo marcoleta yet again. 
Also...teaching S* again, she stopped smoking on her own. ...she just FIGURED that she probably shouldnt do that if she wants to get baptized. DANG. ....shes doing great.
Viernes. I realized that one of the great lessons God needed to teach me this last change was that I dont CARE about others opinions. the sense that they talk bad about me, or they dont love me or things like a companionship setting or group idea setting CLEARY I care. 
But I remembered a lot about what dad would say....
I would come down stairs all bugged and teary and say something like " my sister said Im STUPID, or LAZY, or UGLY"...or some sort of insult and Dad would ask me..."are you?" ...and I just have to remember those two words. I was also reading in the scriptures and it talks about when the truth hurts...Nephi`s brothers were ALWAYS offended...and thats cause what Nephi said was the truth. The truth hurts the wicked. ...and it was yet another answer to my prayer that God knows!  
Sabado. We fasted for S*. 
Domingo: ...even though we were fasting for S* ...she didnt come to church. We will probably have to change her baptismal date. But there was a lesson to be learned, and a trial to overcome. 
Its good to be teaching Haitianos again too. ...there werent any in my other sector. They are really only in Quilicura...its actually KNOWN for haitianos...I dont know WHY exactly, but it just IS. 
We also ate lunch with P*. She is doing great! And I KNOW that she was ready to be baptized. I had a dream about it the other day...a dream or her and her grandson in the temple garden SMILING and laughing. It made me feel GODS LOVE. 
If theres one thing Ive learned this week...its that God really DOES have a perfect plan for each and every one of his children. 
And as Matt...Elder Wyndham said, "you can feel joy even in deep (darkness)"
Thank you for all your encouragement and prayers...and most of all LOVE. 
I love and pray for you all!!! 
Hermana Alex Johnson

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