Friday, October 18, 2013

8 months out!

Well. I´ve now completed 8 months in my mission. Right? It´s really and TRULY hard to believe. Time is going by so very fast.....we already have transfers this next week and I really am wondering what´s goin on haha. ...especially since the area presidency changed the day, for this transfer only, from a monday to a weeednesssdaaaayy...weeeiiiirrrdddd... 

I´m trying to find some answers. I feel like I´m DOING what I need to do...but lack something, besides success in this moment. Where am I failing? Why don´t we have investigators with us in Church? SOMETHING IS MISSING. And whatEVER I do, I´m gonna find it. I am going to keep looking, and keep IMPROVING....and he will have to give me an answer. After all, this is HIS work and HIS glory.  I¨m not doing this for that´s where I´m at with THAT haha. 

This past week president wrote the letter to all of my mission and put my experience about seeing the angels in his letter. It was cool to see that everyone was reading it....not cause he put that it was mine, or that everyone could acknowledge it....but it was almost like a confirmation that it really did happen. After all....President was THERE in that Stake Conference..

Speaking of conference, I´m reading all the conference talks I can get my hands on....all from the last conference in April, but they´re really impacted me. We also had zone conference this past Thursday and I learned lots. We´re focusing all of our mission in .....CONTACTS! 150 people a least. We´re focusing on finding new investigators...and it´s KILLING me a bit....we had to let go of lots of investigators, or with other people we can enter into their house once and then CHAO. never´s KIIILLLIIINNNNGGGG me. I don´t get it...that´s where the whole lack of success situation comes in. I really don´t get it....but I WILL. I´m looking. 

Today we´re gonna go that´s fun. 

Two day´s ago we were talking to some people in the street and as we left I had a feeling to look behind me. There was a group of 6 men from Haiti. We´d recently talked about trying to talk to more GROUPS than individuals...and I had a prompting. A prompting that was a little weird, but I went with it. I had a prompting to ask about a street that I "couldn´t find". So we stopped on the corner of the side walk and pulled out the map....they started to walk past, I said hi, they said hi, and then I hurriedly crossed the street after them waving my map in the air and asking for help. We then were able to begin talking about the gospel, the blessings that it can bring and the HELP. I was able to say something like "thanks for helping us with our map. As servants of God, we want to help YOU now...." and lead into our message. We were able to exchange information, and who knows??!?! Only God. 

Yesterday we ate lunch as planned with the members, we arrived at a lesson with new investigators at 3:00 pm, RIGHT after lunch, and as we entered into the house, they had the table ready for...LUNCH. I don´t know how I even ate what I ate...but somehow I did it haha. 

Thanks to a ward family yesterday, we were able to gather up a little bit more encouragement to find what...well what we´re looking for....that thing I don´t know ...but I WILL FIND haha.  I´m so blessed to have been a part of this ward for such a long time because they are really a great support. 

That´s all folks! Talk to you next weeekkkkk! 
Love always,
Hermana Alex Johnson

Silly Hermanas!

Heart, smilie´s, and star attack haha! with bonus SCRIPTURES. For Familia Legit.

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