Sunday, July 14, 2013

A little late...

Alex's pday was a different day than usual AND email mail delivery was exceptionally slow... so this letter is going up late. We were finishing up last minute trek preparations for the next day and didn't have time to post it before heading out.

Well. I´m not in a trio now. It´s been a little weird for us to not have the ability to go into EVERY SINGLE house that we wanted, but we´re adjusting really well. We´re working harder than ever before and we´re seeing success. We´ve been having some problems with finding people. ...or rather we find them, teach them once and then we never seem to be able to find them again. It´s interesting, but we´re doing all that we can. 

Yesterday we contacted a pastor of a was a little interesting, but it wasn´t bad. He was nice at least and didn´t demand that we pulled out our bible...which happened to happen earlier this week. This lady didn´t think we believed in the bible so she asked us to show us where it says certain things in the bible. We offered to come back and teach her more if she wanted, but she really just wanted to compete more than anything. 

Last pday we went to Santa Lucia and took some awesome pictures. This is totally a must when Mom comes to chile haha. ...also I´m pretty sure I´ve officially decided to live here in Chile after finishing my BYU studies. I´m not kidding. 

I´m playing piano for the ward choir now so that´s pretty cool. They´re singing for stake conference and they asked us to help out. Our investigator  *********** is super awesome and she´s really fitting in with the ward. She came to church this last week for the second time..AND we convinced her brother to come too haha! He wan´t to share his testimony and everything it was super sweet. Well she also came to the choir and is really excited to participate in lots of the activities that we have going on. She´s definitely gonna get baptized this month. Felipe didn´t come to church so he can´t this month, but I know he´ll get baptized soon. We started teaching him from square one and he´s SUPER SMART! He´s really loving it, and I am too because we teach the best with the kids. 

We had an awesome FHE with family Bak├ín and I learned how to make a very DELISH pizza. They´re a really awesome family and they always try their best to help us. 

That´s all for this week, sorry about it being a day late but I didn´t even know we weren´t gonna have pday till today till like 4 days ago! Seriously! haha

Love you all and good luck with Trek Mom and Dad! 
Hermana Alex Johnson
Finding out that her Her sister is not only going on a mission, but where!

Family in Quilicura


With Hermana Ceccon and Edwards

The Hermanas serving in Lo Marcoletta together

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